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It can be very hard to know what to do in the gym. With the best will in the world, with no real plan, no training program and no idea of how to properly execute each exercise, you won’t get very far.


It can also be hard to keep yourself going, grinding through workout by workout, week in, week out. Enthusiasm can only get you so far- you need consistency and, likely, accountability to reach your goals.


Luckily, a personal trainer can help with all of these.


They will show you what to do, when, in what order. They will zero in on your goals and show you the fastest path towards them. They will keep you coming back time and again as you reach for those goals, and they will help you to pick yourself up when you fall.


You will achieve your fitness goals far more efficiently and successfully with a personal trainer than you will training solo.



The benefits of having a personal trainer


Let’s look at a hypothetical example.


It’s common for newcomers to the gym to turn up thinking they want to get a bit fitter, a bit stronger, a bit more ‘toned’… none of these things are goals. They are vague aims at best. A personal trainer will be able to help you work out your goals, will set you some SMART targets, and will write you a plan to get you there.


So, with a bit of poking around, you decide that you want to get stronger. But you don’t know how to measure it or how to make it happen. So, you rely on a personal trainer a little more. You figure out together that you really want to make good numbers on your bench press and that you want to accompany this with a broad, muscular looking torso.


Great- so far, so good. The personal trainer will then schedule you a training program that will specialise in building up the chest muscles, with an eye to improving your bench press. You will have a chest workout every couple of days. The trainer will select the chest exercises you need to do, the rep ranges and set numbers you need for each one, the weight and intensity needed in each session, and how best to complement your chest work in your other workouts and through your recovery.


Suddenly, your goals became a lot more focussed and a lot more achievable.


There is more to it than this, however. Having a personal trainer to guide you through a personalised training and dietary program will not just help you to figure out where you need to go. All that work they put into scheduling your sets, reps, intensity, volume, rest, recovery… everything goes into allowing you to achieve your fitness goals more quickly and easily.


Going with a personal training regime will make your training far more efficient. You won’t be wasting time and effort on anything that doesn’t work.


They will show you the quickest, most efficient route to getting where you need to go. They will keep you on track for progressive overload. They will hold you accountable and adapt your training as you go, responding to your own needs and requirements throughout your fitness journey.


They will also keep you safe. If you want to build up your chest but you’ve never benched before, you need to learn good technique. Otherwise, it’s pretty foolish to get under that bar and balance a couple of hundred pounds above your chest. Fitness can be risky- any facet of fitness- but a personal trainer can help to drastically mitigate this risk.


Personal trainers will show you how to train efficiently and safely, meaning that you won’t hurt yourself and that everything you do- all the energy you expend- will go into getting you towards your goal, not beating yourself up.


Finally, personal trainers represent accountability. They will meet with you regularly. Some will meet with you for every workout. Others will meet with you at set dates throughout your program to hear about your progress, test things out and reprioritise and rejig elements of your training. If you’re not making the progress you need, they will know, and they will want to know why!


It’s not all draconian, however. If you find an element of training that you really don’t like doing- whether it’s uncomfortable, not working, or it’s simply plain boring- you can tell your trainer. They will find something else that will achieve what needs to be achieved, but in a manner more suited to your body and your tastes.


Personal trainers make sure that you stay on your fitness journey. They make sure that you always put your fitness first and get the most out of doing so. There are plenty of personal trainers in Abu Dhabi and the Emirates more broadly. Speak to some of the trainers at your local gym. Ask your friends if they know anybody who knows anybody (word of mouth is ideal in this industry). Get online and search out the best trainers in your area. They are easy to find and well worth talking to.