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Prioritizing You A Fitness Guide For Those Over 50


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Over 50 and not feeling yourself lately--wondering where to start with your health and fitness? If you see a decrease in keeping up with tasks that used to come effortlessly, if you have been prioritizing others' needs over your own, now's the time to consider investing in yourself.  

This guide is meant to help you prioritize yourself and initiate that change.

Physical well-being
. If you're in your 50s or beyond, you know that over time, physical changes may mean a decline in your ability to lift objects or walk extended distances. At this time of life, it's important to stress the significance of prioritizing your physical health. Coping with any of these conditions might impede your ability to enjoy your passions and fulfill your responsibilities.

The foundation of treating and preventing age-related conditions invariably revolves around physical exercise. Nonetheless, it's essential not to impulsively jump into just any exercise regimen. A strenuous gym routine, similar to what you might have attempted in your 20s or 30s, can lead to injury and potentially reduce your activity altogether. Find a program compatible with your goals and objectives, beyond mere weight loss aspirations; a program tailored to your fitness level.

Prioritize safety above all. Who wants to work out in a facility full of camera equipment for filming or taking selfies? Make sure you have the proper professional support around to help you on this lifelong journey. This will ensure a safe environment so you always feel comfortable, not intimidated or out of place.

Mental well-being
. The dialogue around mental health has shifted significantly. The archaic notion of "getting over it," has evolved into a recognition of the importance of mental well-being in achieving positive changes in life. Women, especially, tend to place the family's needs above their own, often feeling self-care is a luxury they cannot afford. But just like physical health, the ability to positively impact your family hinges on your own well-being.

The hustle and bustle of life can overshadow self-care. Counter this by instigating a daily check-in routine with yourself. Each morning, dedicate a few minutes to reflect on how you're feeling and doing.

Uncover a fresh purpose
. Your decision to engage in fitness endeavors might stem from societal expectations. Sustainable changes necessitate a genuine desire for transformation. What's your purpose? This applies not only to gym activities but any positive changes you aspire to achieve.

Recognize your worth
. Society puts pressure on women to conform to specific appearances. Beneath the body-positive advertisements lies an insidious undercurrent urging us to be "a little thinner." This can foster negative self-talk and reduce your true purpose and intentions. Knowing your values goes beyond societal standards. Your happiness and well-being are truly what matters above all else.

You've likely encountered new diets for weight loss. These can yield short-term results but often lead to regaining lost weight once the diet ends. Remember, having a more balanced nutrition approach that accommodates your preferences and lifestyle works best in the long run.

Enjoy foods while complementing them with healthier options. Healthy eating is not about isolating specific foods or never having anything fun and enjoyable. Building awareness instead of restrictions on your dietary choices is pivotal as it will allow you to identify areas for improvement and make gradual adjustments.

The goal is to find proper ways to help empower you, so you can confidently present your best self to those who matter most.

by Juan Medrano -

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