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We should all put at least a little effort into maintaining an active lifestyle. Not doing so can greatly increase our chances of suffering from many chronic diseases. Doing so will do the opposite, improving our overall health and wellbeing and decreasing our risk of developing many different diseases. Starting putting your fitness first by searching for the best gym in Burjuman!


Benefits of keeping to an active lifestyle and putting your fitness first will include:


  • aiding healthy weight maintenance
  • improving mood
  • reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • increasing energy levels
  • improving cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • improving cognitive function
  • improving mobility


These are just a few- the list goes on for quite some time.


However, it isn’t always so easy to find the right venue for your training, nor to settle on any particular method of training. Of course, this isn’t necessary- simply moving more and doing some form of exercise every day will elicit many of the above advantages. But to make the most out of your physical health, you will want to decide where and when you’ll be training, and what you’ll be doing.


It’s always a good idea to start off with a local gym or leisure centre. They can represent the easiest introduction possible into the world of fitness. There are a few reasons that often make training at a gym the best bet for anybody looking to make some positive life changes:


  • Accountability
  • Safety
  • Expertise
  • Variety
  • Company
  • Comfort


If you’re living in Dubai, you could always simply run a search for ‘Gyms in Dubai’ or ‘Gyms in UAE’. You’ll find that you’re spoilt for choice, with dozens of world-class facilities on your doorstep. From the ultra-swanky to the humble, the overpriced to the bargain, there is something for everyone.


In fact, we recently put together a list for you of our top picks in Dubai.


However, if you’re living in looking for the best gym in Burjuman, Dubai, you would do well to pay a visit to GymNation’s Burjuman Mall venue. It’s the best gym in Burjuman, with 24/7/365 access, free parking, over 500 pieces of high tech, cutting edge Matrix training equipment, over 400 fitness classes that come free with the membership, a separate, ladies only gym (including ladies only classes), and flexible payment and contract options.





GymNation are the UAE’s most affordable and flexible gym group. Their memberships are around a third of the price of other gyms’, starting at just AED99 per month and come with no-contract-cancel-anytime membership options. They keep their memberships affordable and their customers in control in order to maintain venues that friendly, inclusive and hospitable.


You don’t get more for less in the Emirates: GymNation really are the masters at combining quality with affordability.



Their venues


All of GymNation’s venues in Dubai are incredibly warm, friendly spaces. Their staff and management actively foster a no-judgements atmosphere, creating a training environment that welcomes everybody.


They commit themselves fully to supporting everyone who trains with them, no matter their fitness level or experience. Seasoned athletes and complete beginners will find the same level of care and attention.


This is certainly the case in their Burjuman Mall facility.


It is twice the size of other gyms in Burjuman. Located in the sought after Burjuman Mall, they offer classes as diverse as Les Mills, Zumba, yoga, spin, and many more, offering you every style of training you could ever want from a venue.


Alongside their 500+ pieces of Matrix training equipment, GymNation Burjuman also has an extensive range of free weights, up to 60kg. Their onsite friendly coaches and personal trainers are always on hand to show you how to use it all in the safest, most efficient way possible.





There are many reasons people attend the gym- there are many reasons why GymNation’s clients turn up. They could be there to get their blood pumping, their heart rates soaring, their muscles singing, their energy levels flying or crashing… whatever you want, you can achieve it at GymNation with the latest generation Matrix equipment kit to get you there.


As mentioned above, they kit their facilities out with at least 500 pieces of high spec cardio and strength equipment and free weights up to 60kg. Their studios are fully decked out with everything their instructors need to deliver the kinds of class you want and their gyms themselves are divided into multiple separate specialist areas, each catering to a different training form.





Just as you can find whatever you need to meet your goals in GymNation’s main areas, so too can their classes deliver whatever your program requires. Whether you want to tone up, slim down, build muscle, improve your strength and endurance, learn new skills, improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve mobility and flexibility, or simply meet some new people whilst having fun, they will have it.


Check out their website for a full breakdown of the classes on offer in their Burjuman gym.


You need not be restricted by timetable, either. Their gyms are open 24/7/365, as mentioned above. However, their classes are also available on-demand. Whether you go in at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, you will be able to take part thanks to their dedicated virtual studio: simply pick the class you want, anytime, and a virtual Les Mills personal trainer will appear to guide you.


There really isn’t any more that a gym could offer than GymNation do. At such a reasonable price, with such expertise and world-class facilities on hand, and in such a range of handy locations, they are a good bet for anybody. Give them a go today.