Saudi center sets Guinness World Record for diabetes awareness

Saudi Center Sets Guinness World Record For Diabetes Awareness


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The center set a record for the biggest group of people coming together at the same time to learn about and raise awareness for diabetes.

According to the Saudi Press Agency on Sunday, 752 individuals participated in this event.

The minister praised the efforts of the Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, which aligns with the ministry’s strategy to reduce the spread of chronic diseases, provide treatment and minimize health complications.

Al-Jalajel highlighted the ministry’s commitment to monitoring chronic diseases, working to reduce their rates, disabilities and fatalities, and enhancing the quality of healthcare services.

Al-Ahsa Health Cluster’s activation of the Chronic Disease Control Program has achieved success in disease management.

The scheme also includes the Health Coach program, Case Coordinator program, the launch of patient monitoring applications, as well as comprehensive training for 123 specialized medical team members.

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This has resulted in a significant increase in the percentage of patients with controlled diabetes, rising from 37 percent in 2021 to 70 percent in 2023.

Since its establishment in January 2020, the Diabeter Center, affiliated with the Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, has recorded outstanding results.

These include a 100 percent improvement in blood sugar levels and quality of life for patients, along with a 100 percent increase in patient satisfaction.

The center also recorded a reduction in the hospitalization rate for children to 1 percent, compared with the global average of 8 percent.

The success of the center has been attributed to its highly competent medical team consisting of about 14 people.

Source: arabnews

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