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How do you set health and fitness goals for Dubai Fitness Challenge? And how do you go on to achieve them? Well, let’s take a look:


1. Just do it

Nike’s famous advertising slogan forms just about our favourite 3-word combination in the world. If you want to set goals and achieve them, go ahead. Don’t wait until new year, don’t wait until your birthday, don’t wait until the Dubai Fitness Challenge, start now! 


Get out there, write your goals down, work out your exercise and nutrition needs now, and make it happen. Prevarication should not factor into your life at all. The Dubai fitness 30 day challenge is a good start! 


2. Set out your goals in black and white

You need to define exercise goals. They need to be SMART- specific, measurable and achievable. Don’t tell yourself you want to lose weight. Tell yourself that you want to lose 5kg over the next three months. Then work out the caloric deficit and nutrition content you need to make that happen and stick to it. Don’t tell yourself you want to get stronger. Tell yourself that you want to add 10kg to your bench press and 30kg to your deadlift in the next six months. The Dubai Fitness Challenge 30x30 is just the start.


3. Recognize where you might fall down

We all have impassable seeming hurdles. Work out what the common excuses are that keep you from hitting your exercise and nutrition targets, write them down, and stay mindful of them. Every time one comes up- if you think ‘I’m too tired,’ or ‘I just want one snack’- ask if the excuse is legitimate. It probably isn’t: disregard it.


4. Tell other people your goals

It’s all about accruing accountability. Tell your partner your goals, tell your friends and family, tell people at work. They will expect to see results and you won’t want to fall short. If you’ve told them you will be losing 5kg in the next month, you’d then better get it done.


Also, those who really care about you, and who want you to succeed, will offer you their support. Your partner may help to hold your nutrition to account (they may even join in, buying less junk food and eating the same healthy meals as you). People in your exercise environment will spur you on, giving you the advice you need and bolstering your enthusiasm and confidence.


5. Do something every day

It doesn’t need to be big, but you should do something every day that takes you further on your journey. Of course, nutrition will be a big part of it. In terms of exercise, every day doesn’t have to be a hard slog: just walk a little more, take the stairs sometimes, don’t sit around so much… these small changes will augment the work done in the gym and take you closer to where you want to be.