Shimla's First Fitness Championship: 150 Participants

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The event showcased a range of tough competitions aimed at evaluating participants' strength, endurance, and determination.

The championship featured three main contests—arm wrestling, push-ups, and a plank challenge.

The arm wrestling event was divided into specific weight categories for men—50-60 kg, 60-70 kg, 70-80 kg, and 80 kg and above—while the women competed in an open weight category.

Winners in each category received prizes, with the top prize being Rs 3,100 and the runner-up prize being Rs 1,100. Tarun stood out as the overall winner in his category among men.

In the push-up challenge, contestants aimed to complete the most push-ups.

Divyanshu took first place in the men's division, while Sana won in the women's division.

The plank challenge measured participants' core strength and endurance, with Bhavya winning the men's category and Sumanika triumphing in the women's category.

Tarun was celebrated as the overall winner of the competition, earning a grand prize of Rs 15,000, along with a trophy and a certificate of achievement.

His performance throughout the events highlighted his dedication and physical strength.

DA Fitness founder Veenu Diwan commented, "We've organized many championships, but this event truly stood out due to the overwhelming response from the youth.

Our main goal is to promote an anti-drug initiative and guide the youth toward meaningful and healthy activities.

We are thankful for the enthusiasm and look forward to organizing more events on a larger scale in Shimla."

He added, "The championship not only offered a platform for fitness enthusiasts to display their talents but also played a crucial role in encouraging a healthy lifestyle among the youth of Shimla."


Source: tribuneindia

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