Stylish and Modern Workout Gear for Your Home Gym 2024

Workout Gear For Your Home Gym


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The new year often brings fresh resolutions, and for many, focusing on health and wellness is a priority.

Begin your health and fitness journey with stylish wellness equipment that not only helps you stick to your goals but also adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Say goodbye to plain, industrial-looking gear.

High-end brands, known for furnishing luxury homes, superyachts, and upscale hotels, now offer home gym products that enhance your space just like any other part of your house.

Keep reading for our top picks of trendy workout equipment for this year.

The Remedy Roller

After a long workout, many turn to standard manual rollers to crank out aches and pains.

However, the full-body automated roller offers all the benefits of lymphatic massage, infrared light therapy, and self administered myofascial release in one to rejuvenate and restore your muscles after a tough workout.

The intuitive roller is voice guided and features an LCD touch display to teach you how to position your body for the best results.

There’s an internal infrared light that filters through the roller to help increase collagen production as you use the product.

You can tailor it to your exact needs, change the color of the infrared light, and use it on nearly every part of your body.

t alleviates muscle tightness, increases blood flow, and enhances connective tissue health while improving your range of motion.

For those that have ample space—the roller measures in at 70-75-inches long x 34-inches wide x 54-inches tall—The Remedy Roller can be yours for $11,900. You may never need another lymphatic massage outside of your home again.

The Remedy Roller is the first product in Remedy Place’s Tech-Remedy Collection. Remedy Place, the world’s first social wellness club with health focused clubs in Los Angeles and New York, was founded by Dr. Jonathan Leary in 2019 and offers ice baths, breathwork classes, IV drips, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and more.


One of the world’s most sought-after equipment brands, TechnoGym has several product lines to fit your needs and home aesthetic.

The Cross Personal, available for $16,950, was designed with design-savvy individuals in mind.

The elliptical is designed by Italian designer Antonio Citterio and features curved lines and polished reflection mirrors for a sleek look.

The cross trainer is ideal for total-body workouts and features a sophisticated inertial system that makes each stride smooth.

It’s also one of the quietest ellipticals out there and makes virtually no noise no matter how intense your workout is.

There’s a digital guided interface that allows you to play music from your Apple or Android devices through Bluetooth, but also uniquely offers surround sound with Treble Dolby Surround tweeter speakers.

The trainer’s smooth mechanics mean it’s easy on your ankles and knees.


You’d be forgiven for thinking this workout equipment is another piece of decor.

Fitness company PENT produces some of the world’s chicest and functional workout equipment on the market.

They offer complete gyms for the home, yacht, and hotels, whether it’s a weather exercise bench, handcrafted dumbbells, gym rope, luxury push up bars, or a fitness mat.

The ANA collection’s Combo Fitness Equipment Set for $9,510 is the perfect product for those who want a little bit of everything.

You can customize the products to suit your design goals, but rest assured PENT uses the finest-quality wood and finishes.

This combo set includes a range of dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise mats, fitness balls, luxury push up bars, a jump rope, and more.

Teckell x Ciclotte

More like a sculpture than a functional piece of workout equipment, Italian brand Teckell has created the ultimate stationary exercise bike alongside fellow Italian brand Ciclotte.

The Teckell Ciclotte Chrome features a glass disk with a steel frame made from polished chrome stainless steel.

In fact, the frame mimics riding on a street hike and flexes sideways when riding thanks to a magnetic resistance system.

It pairs both Italian brands’ technological prowess alongside fabulous European-inspired design.

Plenty of research has gone into the ergonomics of the machine.

Not just that, but the clear glass disk adds an artistic element to the piece. It retails for $19,725 and is available on



Few pieces of gym equipment are more of an eye sore than a cable machine.

They can be clunky and professional looking, built more for a professional athlete’s gym than a casual home wellness space.

NOHrD’s SlimBeam Cable Machine addresses the problems of space and design with a stylish weight stack system.

It still offers all the benefits of a commercial-grade weight stack but crafted from high-quality wood with a curved silhouette.

There is a height-adjustable dual cable pulley system, and the cables run seamlessly over the wheels to provide a smooth feel.

What’s more, the weight plates located on the bottom of the cable machine are rubberized with a black matte finish for durability and to reduce noise. It 
retails for $2,199.


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