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Now, this is a story all about how

GymNation became the best gym in town

And we'd like to take a minute

If you don’t mind


We will tell you how the others - got left behind!


In Al Quoz 1, we started our days

It was 40,000 sqft - and even we were amazed!

Huge cardio and weights areas  …. Open 24/7

400 free classes… A proper fitness heaven!

Other gyms felt scared, started chatting no good

Cus’ we be taking over the UAE - bit by bit


Up against the big boys - we were not afraid

They said: “GymNation won’t work.” -HAHA, ya okay, well played!


We reached 10,000 members - All within 1 year


Plenty more to come….We hadn’t left first gear!

We opened Bur Dubai next - followed by GymNation RAK

Stop taking our members GymNation - please just give them back


99 dirham memberships - our prices are so low!

No huge upfront payments either, tell everyone you know!

Is this what gyms should really be like?

hmmmmm - these gyms are alright!


Pay monthly, free parking  - and all that space

Is it hard to believe a gym can be this good?

We don’t think so

and we’re are sure you’ll all agree

that GymNation is the best gym in the UAE


When lockdown ended, we just couldn’t chill

Threw an 80’s BLITZ party - hired an MC with skillz

Coming soon is Downtown, Mirdif,

and Motor City

All the way to Silicon and also Abu Dhabi


We don’t need a swimming pool in the UAE’s most affordable gym

Forget the competition…. We are gonna win!

So where on earth can this amazing gym be?

I’m sure you have all heard about it…..It’s GymNation UAE!!!


This year we’ll open gym number 8

and we’ll yell to the competition, yo guys keep up!

60,000 members

You will finally see

That GymNation is best gym in the entire UAE