The optimal time to exercise for weight loss

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Exercise is a crucial component of any weight loss program, and an expert has disclosed the optimal time for a workout to maximize fat burning.


 People have varying exercise routines and preferences regarding when they like to exercise.


However, an expert has explained why working out at specific times can enhance fat-burning efforts.


Joy Puleo, the Education Director at Balanced Body, suggested that there are advantages to exercising in the morning. She told GB News, "Let’s face it, the best time of day to work out is the time of day you can commit to working out.


 That being said, there are benefits to working out in the morning that make it a particularly good time for the body to experience exercise, especially for mind-body focused exercises like Pilates."


Starting your day with a workout can help your body utilize fat as an energy source instead of relying on the food consumed throughout the day.


A study published in the National Library of Medicine indicated that morning exercise increases fat burn and decreases energy intake. It stated, "Fasting before morning exercise decreased 24-hour energy intake and increased fat oxidation during exercise.


Completing exercise in the morning in the fasted state may have implications for weight management."


Joy elaborated on why this is a compelling reason to choose morning workouts. She said, "When you wake up, your body is in a state of fasting. Without getting overly scientific about it, the body’s glucose stores are depleted.


 As a result, early morning workouts tend to tap into fat stores faster. If you choose to eat first, opt for something light before your workout, and always ensure you stay hydrated as needed.


" This approach can also improve overall wellness and give dieters a more robust start to their day.

She continued, "After a good night's rest, your mind has had time to think, organize, and prioritize. This is why we often wake up clear-eyed and fresh for the new day.


 This is a great time to introduce exercise that taps into this sense of well-being, such as Pilates. What you are doing is starting with your nervous system and mind grounded. As you move, you are reinforcing this sense of well-being and groundedness."


Source: gbnews

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