The Dubai Fitness Challenge: What it is and What it can do for you?

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The Dubai Fitness Challenge, featuring the famous Dubai 30x30, is an annual celebration of the world of fitness in the UAE. The challenge is open to everybody in the city and requires participants to complete 30 minutes of activity every day for 30 days, whilst hosting all the events needed to make this achievable. Joining a Gym In Dubai is a good start to a healthy lifestyle.


Aiming to get Dubai residents moving, galvanising them towards a fitter, more active, healthier lifestyle, the Dubai Fitness Challenge was launched in 2017 by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council. It consists of a full month packed with exciting fitness events and wellness-focused entertainment.


It promises to show Dubai inhabitants the benefits of an active lifestyle with the goal of fostering fitness-focussed mindsets and teaching people how to make it happen.


Last year’s Dubai Fitness Challenge once again welcomed their two flagship Fitness Villages at Festival City Mall and Kite Beach. These were further supplemented by 10 community-focused Fitness Hubs, over 40 fitness events and more than 5,000 fitness and health programmes spread across the city, all working together to bring the challenge’s aims to the city. Over 10,000 free classes were available via the Dubai Fitness app, as gyms and studios opened their doors.


Participants were given access to classes ranging from spin to and HIIT, from Pilates to CrossFit, to yoga and much, much more. There were enough different classes and activities on offer to make sure that the Dubai 30x30 could be easily- and, importantly, enjoyably, accomplished.



Beginning last year, Dubai Fitness Challenge began to operate Fitness Hubs. These ten hotspots were set up around the city to give communities access to a full range of training styles, workouts and health and fitness education. They delivered a broad range of activities including yoga, Pilates, martial arts and many more, alongside informational seminars on things like nutrition and wellness.


In addition, they launched the Dubai Fitness Challenge app, which contained everything users needed to know about classes and events, alongside trackers and other gadgets to make their 30x30 challenge that much more manageable.


The Dubai Fitness Challenge has been praised for its inclusivity. Organisers go to great lengths to ensure that nobody in the city is precluded from learning about fitness and living an active lifestyle. To this end, last year’s challenge saw over 1 million people get involved. Over a quarter of a million people visited the two fitness villages and hundreds of thousands more took part across participating venues throughout the city, making use of over 13,000 classes and activities. The events opened up fitness for everybody, regardless of participants’ ages, lifestyles or abilities.


Future Dubai Fitness Challenges are set to continue in this vein as organisers continue to go all out bring the city the health and fitness expertise it needs.



Dubai Fitness Challenge: FAQs


Why a 30-day challenge?

Studies have shown that it takes approximately 30 days to make a significant change in a person’s health and well-being. That’s why the Dubai Fitness Challenge encourages every person in the city to change and enhance their lifestyle with 30 days of activity.


But it doesn’t end after 30 days — the challenge is about creating a long-term impact, essentially encouraging an overall lifestyle change for those who take part.


Why Dubai?

Dubai is all about the happiness of its residents – and what better way to create happiness than to encourage a healthier lifestyle for each and every person in the city? The challenge is about more than simple getting active. It’s about promoting a lifestyle that is well-rounded and all-inclusive, enabling people to explore something new, push themselves further and discover more about the city they live in.


Where are the Dubai Fitness Challenge events taking place?

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is hosting citywide events and activations at primary locations around Dubai. These include beaches, parks, gyms and public areas. For more information, view the What’s On section.


How can I get involved?

It all starts by simply committing to 30 minutes of activity for 30 consecutive days. You can get involved as an individual, corporate, team, partner or sponsor by downloading the Dubai Fitness App and sharing your journey on various social media platforms. Download the app here.


If you’re participating as an organisation, corporate, school or social team, create a group on the website homepage to start your challenge. Find out more on the Dubai Fitness Challenge website


Is there a participation fee?

Committing to the Dubai Fitness Challenge is free of charge and there are thousands of free classes and events to enjoy throughout the month. However, some events may require an entry fee to take part.


Is it open to anyone?

Dubai Fitness Challenge is open to men, women and children of all ages and fitness abilities. Whether you live in the UAE or are simply visiting, everyone is encouraged to participate


Will there be ladies-only events?

Yes. Keep an eye on What’s On, where we will post all updates. You should also register for the app to find out the full list of ladies-only events and classes available.