The Top 8 Benefits of HIIT Training

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HIIT classes in Dubai have become one of the most popular choices for many due to the undeniable benefits of HIIT training.


Working out 4-6 times per week takes its toll on other aspects of our life, social and professional. HIIT training guarantees you manage your time efficiently when you're running tight in your schedule.


You can burn 500+ calories in 20-30 minutes while working your muscles and aiding your weight loss journey. And you do so with the help of an instructor and teammates that keep you accountable.


But what is HIIT training, and how can you find the best HIIT classes near you in Dubai?


How Does HIIT Training Work?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and was first established for high-level athletes. As such, it means training for an interval with your maximum power and then rest for recovery. 


 The aim is to enhance athletic performance with the guidance of a personal trainer.


But, today, it is adapted for amateur athletes of any level.


HIIT training has two elements:

  • Training for a brief interval, and
  • Maximizing the difficulty of the training or what is called 'Rated Perceived Exertion' (RPE).



Basically, we train for a short period in intense mode, then follow it with a medium-intensity training for recovery and finish it up with a cool-down interval.


Since we’re dealing with intense and hard workouts, HIIT training shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes. With a maximum of 3-4 sessions per week, this type of training is highly efficient when you're running tight in your schedule.


HIIT training means performing near our maximum power and exhausting our bodies. This assures to train the muscles intensely and burn many calories.


But this shouldn’t scare you, since HIIT classes in Dubai make it easy for any level to participate.


One of the many benefits of HIIT training is that you will progress faster than with other cardio workouts.


Your body will adapt quickly, pushing you to pass levels. You will see results both in performance and looks in a matter of sessions.

Top 8 Benefits of HIIT Training

Forget boring cardio! HIIT is more entertaining, and you can rip its astonishing results in a much shorter time than basic cardio.


Some benefits of HIIT training based on scientific research are:


  1. Improves cardiovascular health. HIIT helps with high blood pressure, obesity, heart failure, coronary artery diseases, and helps keep the body lean and fit.

  2. Improves the amount of oxygen in the body during intense exercise, increasing endurance. One of the main benefits of HIIT training is that it prepares your body to oxidize fat better and lose weight faster. After just a few sessions, your body will use oxygen more efficiently.

  3. Benefits brain health in its cognitive functions and memory capacity.

  4. Burns more calories than other types of training. Studies show that HIIT allows burning more calories in a minute while simultaneously building both endurance and strength.

  5. Increase your metabolic rate - the number of calories you burn after a workout or at rest. The benefits ofHIIT training go beyond its duration. You will continue to burn calories afterward, and increase your maintained caloric intake, which will promote weight loss while eating more.

  6. Time efficiency. Since it is high intensity, you only need 3-4 sessions of HIIT weekly, for up to 30 minutes each session. This leaves plenty of time for other workouts, to rest and recover, or pursue other things such as quality time with your loved ones or other hobbies.

  7. HIIT training builds tremendous muscle and strength, that doesn’t come in a bulky way rather than toning and sculpting your body. This happens at a higher and faster rate in people who are not used to training. So, for beginners, this is a short way to gain momentum in your fitness journey.

  8. Fun and motivation. The minutes of your workout will pass very fast, and you’ll be left drained in sweat and with the hype of serotonin and endorphins. High intensity workouts are proven to be very good for improving your mood and mental health. HIIT training doesn't leave space to dwell on other thoughts. One of the hidden benefits of HIIT training is that it helps you zoom out and release all your stress.

Types of HIIT Training and HIIT Classes in Dubai

HIIT training is very versatile and can be done indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment, private or group classes.


Some HIIT classes focus on bodyweight exercises, while others introduce different fitness equipment. Recently, biking or running on the treadmill has become a very popular group class workout on the sounds of rhythmic music.


Even training by the pool, or HIIT yoga is now a thing, so the sky is the limit.


Personal trainers and fitness facilities can be creative and push you to have fun while still maintaining the benefits of HIIT training for all level athletes.

Why Should You Attend HIIT Classes in Dubai?

The summer is coming, and the long nights of winter, when we indulged in food and beverages, need a new regime that will prepare us to go back to being healthy and fit.


HIIT classes in Dubai are structured for beginners that want to boost and start their training and progress in a short time.


 But it also works best for people who want to switch up their training, try something new and see if that works for them.


Many fitness facilities and gyms in Dubai offer HIIT classes at all levels. They can be one-on-one, private sessions, or group HIIT classes. Both of which have their own benefits.


In a private class, you’ll get the undivided attention of your personal trainer and be more focused on reaching your goals. But, on the downside, they are more expensive.


On the other hand, group HIIT classes in Dubai are more affordable and offer many benefits. You stay accountable and have more fun since you will get motivated by other people. 


Team sports drastically improve mental health and motivation to reach your goals.


With your membership in the Gym, free classes might be available for you with no extra fees. You can start by attending one or two corporate HIIT in your weekly training schedule.


Some of the Most Popular HIIT Classes in Dubai Include:

  • Spin classes where you dance while riding a machine bike at different speeds and intensities.

  • A mix of cardio machines intervals such as bike, rowing machines, and treadmill coupled with bodyweight exercises, such as burpees or jumping squats.

  • Boxing HIIT classes (private or in groups) are long HIIT sessions. Make sure to prepare yourself for the hell and glory afterward.

  • A mix of bodyweight and barbell exercises, where you move between simpler intervals of jumping jacks and squats to more powerlifting and CrossFit types of exercises.

  • Tabata or Zumba classes can also be structured as HIIT training. Make sure to check with the personal trainer if that Tabata or Zumba session can be considered an effective HIIT session.

Things to Consider Before Your First HIIT Class in Dubai

If you’ve checked the craziness of HIIT training online, or if you’re a beginner, booking a HIIT class in Dubai might be daunting.


Check for HIIT training videos online and try one out. Maybe you will not be able to finish, and that’s when classes come in handy.


The personal trainer, together with the group synergy, will allow you to train harder and perform better than you thought you would.


Do your research by typing ‘HIIT classes near me' in Google and see what best fits your proximity, time, budget, and level of fitness.


Let your trainer know about your level and what exercises you’re more comfortable with. This way, he can determine your level and make sure you get the most out of it with no injury or overtraining. Have a candid conversation on every detail of the training and what you should expect.


On the other hand, with classes, you will learn proper form, so important when doing high intensity exercises. HIIT classes will allow you to train efficiently and stay away from injuries.


Buy or choose the most comfortable clothes that allow you to breathe and move with easiness.


Lastly, prepare yourself mentally to ace each session and commit to being there on time.