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Boxing in Jeddah and across Saudi Arabia is on the rise. No more excuses; it's time to channel your inner fighter and get inspired by Rocky Balboa's "Eye of the Tiger."

Next month, Jeddah will host a series of boxing events that promise to keep fans on the edge of their seats, including the King and Queen of the Ring.

It's the perfect time to step into the ring yourself and practice your uppercuts.

Work on your jabs and slips to smash your fitness goals.

Remember to guard your face to avoid those sucker punches. Here are the top spots in Jeddah where you can spar like a pro.


At 9Round, trainers are your coaches, cheerleaders, and toughest opponents, pushing you past your limits every session.

With innovative fitness solutions tailored for busy lifestyles, you can experience the hype firsthand. The best part?

You get an intense cardio workout in just 30 minutes—no breaks.

  • Hours: Sat-Thu noon-11 PM

  • Locations: Ar Rawdah and Al Basateen

Al Mokatil

Step into the world of combat artistry at Al Mokatil, Jeddah’s premier mixed martial arts and boxing gym.

Offering a variety of classes to suit every warrior’s needs, the vibe here is as electric as a title fight night.

Training is available for men and kids, with packages ranging from a one-month membership for SAR500 to a year-long membership for SAR5,610.

  • Pricing: From SAR550

  • Hours: Sat-Thu 3 PM-11 PM, Closed Fri

  • Location: Al Faisaliyyah

Arena Fitness Innovation

Imagine a place where the thud of heavy bags and the rhythm of speed bags create a knockout fitness experience.

This state-of-the-art center offers exciting boxing classes for men and kids, with personal training packages available for women.

Beyond boxing, you can also engage in HIIT and Tabata for an extra burn. Not sure if it’s a fit? Book a free class to decide.

  • Hours: Sat-Thu 6 AM-11 PM, Fri 3 PM-9 PM

Boxing Fit

Slide into your gloves and step into the ring at Boxing Fit, where you don’t just get fit—you get Boxing Fit.

The high-energy, sweat-dripping classes are designed to get your heart pumping.

Classes include boxing fit, kickboxing, and traditional boxing, making it a great activity for fathers and children alike.

  • Hours: Daily 4 PM-11 PM

  • Location: Al Hamadaniyyah

Fighters Club

Under the guidance of Master Osama, you won’t leave his ring as an amateur.

Punch up your workout routine with one-on-one kickboxing or challenge yourself against the bag.

Train hard, sweat plenty, and join a community that punches as one.

  • Hours: Sat-Thu 5 PM-10.30 PM, Closed Fri

  • Location: Al-Ruwais

Fitness Time

Ladies, Fitness Time hasn’t forgotten about you. Engage in an intense, functional 35-minute circuit that promises to make your muscles ache in all the right ways.

The knockout offer of SAR50 for every kilogram of weight lost is just the motivation you need. Classes are also available for men.

  • Pricing: From SAR750

  • Hours:

  • Mon-Thu 6 AM-midnight

  • Fri 6 AM-11 AM; 1 PM-10 PM

  • Sat 6 AM-midnight

  • Sun 24/7

  • Location: Various locations including Al Naeem


Boxing in Jeddah isn’t complete without trying Flagboxing, short for 'Fight Like A Girl Boxing.'

It's the first female boxing and kickboxing gym in Saudi Arabia, owned by Halah Alhamrani, the Kingdom’s first female boxing and kickboxing trainer.

This gym focuses on building strength, confidence, and resilience, with classes available for women and kids.

  • Hours: Daily 9 AM-8 PM

  • Location: An Nahda

Gold’s Gym

When searching for a variety of boxing options in Jeddah, Gold’s Gym is not to be missed.

This vibrant gym offers more than just weightlifting; it's where each punch and pedal-push brings you closer to your peak.

Boxing classes are available for men, kids, and separately for women.

  • Hours:

  • Sat-Thu 8 AM-10 PM

  • Fri 2 PM-10 PM

  • Location: Various locations including An Nahda

Get ready to knock out your fitness goals and become a boxing pro in Jeddah!


Still searching for the ideal boxing venue in Jeddah? Look no further. Refit is the first female-certified luxury boutique boot camp in Saudi Arabia.

By joining, you’ll become part of a supportive boxing squad committed to helping you achieve your goals.

You can opt for a personal training package or participate in group sessions. Classes are available for women and kids, with prices starting at SAR120.

  • Prices: From SAR120

  • Hours: Sun 10am-10pm, Mon-Thu noon-8pm, Closed Fri

  • Location: Az Zahra District

SportTech Gym

Guys, this one’s for you. Whether you're looking to enhance your technique or just get a good workout, SportTech Gym is the place to be.

It offers a fun and straightforward way to enjoy boxing in Jeddah. You can also engage in MMA, BJJ, and wrestling.

For an intense boxing experience, gather your friends and head over for some serious competition.

  • Hours: Sat-Thu 9am-1am, Fri 5pm-1am

  • Location: Hira Street

With these facilities, you'll find it easier than ever to get involved in boxing in Jeddah. Get ready to knock out your fitness goals and enjoy the excitement of this growing sport.


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