Top Benefits of Boxing Classes in Dubai

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If you are looking for some fitness classes in Dubai that will improve your cardiovascular fitness, build muscle tone and keep your weight in control then Boxing classes in dubai are definitely something you need to be searching for! In this article, we are going to show you some of the amazing benefits of boxing and why you should consider giving it a go



Improved Cardiovascular Health

Boxing classes in Dubai are absolutely excellent for your cardiovascular health. One of the things that make boxing so great for your heart is the high-intensity/ endurance-based activity that gets the blood pumping FAST. The act of punching, any punch, forces very many of your muscles to contract at once. Due to so many muscles being utilized at once, your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood and oxygen to them, thus giving your heart quite the workout. 



Stronger bones & joints

Fitness classes that are focused on boxing can be an excellent choice for the health of your bones and joints. If you want stronger bones and joints which are less susceptible to injury then you need to start partaking in boxing classes in Dubai. Of course, having stronger and denser bones is fantastic for your overall health, especially as you get older. Bone building exercises are very important because as you age your bones tend to get weaker, thus increasing the incidence of broken bones and even degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis.



Muscle tone and strength

Boxing classes really will help you get shredded and seriously fit. One of the most demanding sports on the planet does come with its rewards. Boxing is a unique blend of hardcore cardiovascular fitness, endurance and resistance, after all, boxing is about being not only quick but also strong, at least if you want to stand a chance of defeating your opponent. Not only does the physical movement of performing various punches strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core, but all of the other aspects that come along with boxing help to build your muscles too. Have you ever seen a boxer without muscle tone? I think not? 



Improved Coordination

Where boxing classes in Dubai really stand out is their reputation as being a super-beneficial class/sport is their ability to develop better hand-eye coordination. Training your hand-eye coordination works in the same way as training your cardiovascular endurance or your muscle strength, in the sense that the more you challenge it, the better it will get. Moreover, you have to be able to aim your hands perfectly to get that big punch in on your opponent’s sweet spot, something that requires a heck of a lot of coordination.



Keeping your weight down

Want to keep your weight in control? The boxing is up there with one of the best things you can do for it! 


An average training or sparring session in the ring, or even just going after a heavyweight bag, will allow you to burn anywhere from 400 to 700 calories every single hour. Of course, this does vary depending on the type of exercise that you are doing. Since boxing involves so many different methods of training, the calories you burn will vary depending on if you are in a real-life match, just sparring, hitting a bag, going for the speed bag, or doing weight training or even cardiovascular training.



A great stress reliever 

There’s a truly cathartic effect that comes from letting out your stress in a healthy way, such as by punching a bag or focus mitt. Boxing training can vary in intensity throughout a workout, although most boxing training and conditioning programs tend to follow a HIIT protocol, which can help relieve stress.


If you haven’t already tried boxing or at least the training that comes with it, you may want to give it a shot, literally and metaphorically! Punching away at a heavy bag, sparring, and all of the other training aspects that come with the great sport of boxing will have you in amazing bodily shape in no time at all, plus it’s a good way to get rid of some pent up rage too. There are so many benefits to boxing classes so go out there and enjoy them!


If you haven't already tried boxing or at least the training that comes with it, you may want to give it a shot, literally and metaphorically! Punching away at a heavy bag, sparring, and all of the other training aspects.

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