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When you consider the main driving factors behind an individual commencing a new workout routine, cleaning up a rubbish diet or perhaps just getting into a healthier more active lifestyle, you may think that the benefits to this behaviour are merely skin deep.


You may think on first glance that the majority of gym goers are simply burning fat and/or building muscle in a constant struggle to ward off old father time and maybe just get into that little pink dress for their best mates wedding. You may think that the overall aim of BodyBalanceBodyPump, smelly gym kit and watching what goes into your mouth is simply to look that little bit better naked and get yourself ready for the pool this summer.


Whilst one of the top goals for all gym goers both male and female is to look better in the buff, there are many less decorative and more significant reasons as to why anybody would want to spend their days moving more and eating well.


One of the far more noteworthy benefits of living a healthier lifestyle is the prevention of health complications such as heart disease and cancer however, the key is to get into good habits today whilst you still have your health as prevention is always a far better choice than cure. Alongside the more serious, life-changing illnesses listed above, more time in the gym in combination with a sound approach to what you eat has been shown to prevent arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, diabetes and other immune-mediated illnesses that are affected by the lifestyle choices we make every day. Want to stay healthy and look good naked? Now there’s an idea.


Alongside your body’s health you must also consider the state of your mental health. Stress and anxiety caused by the overwhelming pressures of a modern professional lifestyle are very real however living a healthier life through exercise and nutrition has been shown to successfully combat stress and anxiety. With the pressures of today’s high speed world you may find yourself exhausted at the end of every working day with exercise being the last thing on your mind. You may leave the office looking to dive into a large glass of wine or perhaps something high in calories that you can simply throw into the oven whilst you melt into the sofa. If you can resist the urge to go home and turn into a human blob you’ll soon learn, that one of the most effective benefits of exercise happens to be stress relief.  When you workout you release endorphins that can help deal with physical and mental stress by increasing the amount of norepinephrine in your brain. A release of norepinephrine will simply make you feel better much in the same way that sleep can. Studies have shown that working out can make you a happier person with happiness helping to relieve symptoms of depression in clinically depressed individuals.  Put simply, exercise can be just as efficient as therapy when used to treat depression. The next time you are considering killing your boss or throwing your computer out the window, get to the gym and give your mind as well as your body a better look.


Whilst the obvious benefits of a healthier lifestyle have been spoken about at the start of this article, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the ‘look good feel good’ affect. As the pounds start to fall away and that little pink dress starts to look like it may just happen, so your confidence begins to rise. Knowing that you are living a better lifestyle as well as looking better with every visit to the gym will give you a wonderful boost in confidence. Your new found confidence will start to find its way into every other walk of life quite simply improving everything. Now that’s a feeling.


The benefits of living a healthier lifestyle shown above are simply the tip of the iceberg. Spending more time in the gym alongside sustainable and enjoyable nutrition will change your life. Train well, Eat well, Live Better. All you have to do is start.