Tyson's Rival on His New Saudi Gym

Tyson's Rival


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Mike Tyson's career in boxing was both controversial and highly successful. 

Known as one of the most intimidating boxers, Tyson holds a special place in the hearts of the boxing community.

Recently, he was scheduled to make a comeback to the ring against YouTuber Jake Paul.

Unfortunately, the former undisputed Heavyweight champion fell ill and was unable to participate.

Despite this setback, Tyson didn't slow down in expanding his business ventures and has opened a new gym in Saudi Arabia.

His former rival shared his thoughts on this latest development.

Tyson's Continued Success in Business

At 57 years old, Mike Tyson continues to achieve success, now venturing into the business world.

Known for his fierce competitiveness, Tyson has transitioned from being a top athlete to becoming a businessman.

He owns several high-end gym facilities throughout the United States. His recent addition to his business portfolio is a gym in Saudi Arabia, which has garnered attention from his past competitors.

Lennox Lewis Congratulates Tyson

One of Tyson's most notable rivals, Lennox Lewis, congratulated him on his new venture.

The rivalry between Tyson and Lewis is well-known in the boxing world. It was touching to see these former adversaries on good terms after their boxing careers concluded.

Lewis expressed his congratulations with a message:


It's worth noting that Tyson and Lewis faced off in 2002 in Memphis, where Lewis defeated Tyson in the eighth round.

The outcome might have been different had they fought during Tyson's prime.


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