Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Prevent Weight Gain


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How many times have you noticed an increase in your weight right after the holidays? Holiday weight gain is a widespread concern among individuals, which happens as a result of consuming calorie-rich foods and overeating. Even if it is just a pound or two that you gain, it can contribute to your overall weight gain in a year, and most individuals end up never losing this unwanted extra weight.

So, does this mean you should miss out on your office festive gatherings or dinners with your family and friends, those fun holiday parties, and all of the delicious food? Not necessarily. Here are some effective ways to stop gaining weight during the holidays:

Remain Active
Of course, you would look forward to spending your holidays on the couch, watching TV, munching on your favorite homemade holiday snacks. Being inactive is one of the most common causes of holiday weight gain, especially when it is combined with overeating. Therefore, the best way to prevent this is by remaining active, not taking a break from your regular exercise routine, go find a local gym or exercise classes and meet some new people whilst doing so. In fact, you can and should increase your exercise during the holidays. For instance, if you normally workout thrice a week, make it four or five times a week for the holidays

Limit Your Indulgences
Limit your holiday food indulgences and be very selective about what you eat, not just with desserts, but the whole holiday platter. When it comes to choosing your food, eat only those that you know are worth those extra calories and skip trying those that you know you can live without. While some people can stop after taking just a bite of something, not everybody can do the same. So, if you know that you cannot stop after a bite, go with a small portion of that particular food item rather than trying everything across the table.

Avoid Drinking Too Much
Avoiding drinking too much during the holidays is another effective solution to prevent holiday weight gain. By drinks, we not just mean alcohol, but also other calorie-rich drinks you have access to, like soft drinks. This is because beverages like these usually carry a lot of sugar content and add empty calories to your body, which in turn lead to weight gain. And when it comes to alcohol, you are most likely to lose control over what you eat, and this can result in over indulgence. Therefore, always stick to the limit when it comes to drinks.

Monitor Your Weight
While it is not possible for you to know that you have gained a few pounds, the weighing scale will do this job perfectly for you, not leaving behind even the smallest weight gains. Therefore, monitor your weight regularly during the holidays, so you can stay in track of your weight goals and restrict yourself from indulging more to prevent adding those extra pounds to your body.

Don’t Focus Only on the Food
Holiday parties and other gatherings are more than just food. So, divert your attention and focus on other things like socializing, dancing, etc., and avoid standing around the food table.

These simple yet effective strategies will help you maintain your weight, stay in track of your weight goals, and prevent weight gain during the holidays.