It's never been more important to put your fitness first

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Maintaining a fit, active lifestyle, with plenty of different kinds of exercise, is vital to maintaining long-term health. Doing so- actively putting your fitness first- comes with many health benefits. Conversely, not doing so will lead to some very unhealthy symptoms and side effects. Signing up for Gym Membership will be your first step to reaching your fitness goals.


This is truer now than ever.


The current obesity epidemic that is gripping the world should worry everybody. Obesity is a very complex disease. Possible solutions to the problem are often fraught with complexity and stigma at a time when people need most to come together and think positively. However, one of the main things that all experts can agree on is that a healthy, active lifestyle is amongst the best tools an individual can make use of in overcoming obesity. A personal trainer is a great investment to see long-term improvements in your health and fitness and to also avoid obesity.


In the UAE alone, there are some worrying statistics to accompany this claim, as we made clear in our recent post on the subject.


For instance, up to 19% of under-eighteens across the UAE are obese. Up to 29% of men and 46% of women are obese across the UAE. The major causes of this mounting obesity crisis in the UAE specifically include:


  • Lack of physical activity
  • Unhealthy and excessive diets
  • Genetic factors
  • Changes in cultural norms, alongside behavioural and environmental factors
  • Increase in eating disorders and other mental health concerns


Obesity can impair somebody’s health in a great many ways.


Breathing issues, such as sleep apnoea and obstructive pulmonary ailments are worsened in the obese. In fact, these kinds of issues often only present in the first place in the presence of obesity. Heart conditions like coronary heart ailment, heart strokes and cardiovascular disease are common with obesity (more on this below).


Obesity greatly increases the chances of developing type II diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It often brings about liver and gallbladder complications. The likelihood of developing certain types of cancer, specifically bowel and prostate in men, and uterine and breast cancer in women, is increased in obese individuals.


In addition to obesity, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is also a global concern that seems to be getting worse year on year. CVD and related symptoms represent the biggest killers in the world. Globally, they claim nearly 18 million people annually.


It is estimated that at least 80% of premature deaths from CVD could be avoided with a few simple lifestyle changes. Diminishing risk factors at the individual level can include reversing the detrimental role of poor diets, obesity, tobacco and alcohol use, and, importantly, sedentary lifestyles, that are central to CVD.


CVD has many interrelated causes, from smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, to air pollution, and rare and neglected conditions such as Chagas Disease and cardiac amyloidosis. However, as with obesity, experts agree that one of the easiest, most beneficial changes an individual can make is to take part in an active lifestyle: putting your fitness first will drastically lower your risk of CVD.


Aside from these specific reasons, there are some additional compelling benefits that highlight the reasons you should begin to put your fitness first. These benefits include:


  • An improved quality of life
  • A longer life
  • A reduced risk from injury
  • Self-perpetuation (The more you do, the more you can do)


Basically, you will be able to live longer and get more out of life if you get, and stay, active.


How to put your fitness first


If you’re looking to put your fitness first anywhere, joining a good quality gym will be a good start. Find a gym nearby or search out one that will best suit your individual needs. Search ‘Gyms Near Me’, see which one you fancy, give them a call and arrange to go in for an induction session. The expert instruction you will find in a good gym, combined with accessible, good quality equipment, will make the task easier, more effective and far less daunting.


If you’re looking to put your fitness first in Dubai, GymNation come highly recommended as a good place for beginners and experienced athletes alike to call home. They are the UAE’s most affordable and flexible gym, with memberships starting from AED99 per month. These come with no-contract-cancel-anytime membership options, so you won’t be tied into anything long-term if you decide against staying.


You will find GymNation’s venues very welcoming, with an active policy of no-judgments in place and plenty of on-site talent to help guide you through your fitness journey. With this in mind, it’s worth pointing out that nearly a third of their members are first-time gym users- we all have to start somewhere, and these people prefer to do so with GymNation.


GymNation are passionate in supporting everybody towards their health and fitness goals, whatever they are, whilst keeping costs low at no sacrifice to quality. This is why they offer affordable, flexible memberships that keep you in control as you embark on your training journey. Theirs are some of the largest gym facilities in the UAE, with state-of-the-art Matrix gym equipment. They also offer virtual, on-demand classes, giving you a degree of flexibility over your training and allowing you to take back control.


It is a perfect place to go if you’re looking to shake up your life and begin to put your fitness first.


There are some specific ways you can make them most out of their venues and the spirit of inclusivity that they cultivate to help yourself to put your fitness first.


  • Get down there regularly
  • Mix things up- they offer a lot of different styles and classes for you to choose from
  • Set some achievable, worthwhile goals
  • Get help from one of their expert personal trainers


Whatever exercise looks like to you, it’s never been so important to put your fitness first. Help to live a longer, happier, healthier life, and help to push back the growing obesity and CVD crises.