What is Jiu Jitsu and where does it come from?

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Jiu Jitsu: Origin and How to Start

Of all the martial art forms known to man, jiu jitsu is one of the oldest forms. This martial art is known to have its roots dating back to over 4000 years to Buddhist monks in India, particularly from the Northern region, where Buddha, meaning the Enlightened One, once lived. Jiu jitsu was created by them as a fighting technique to protect themselves from offenders who robbed and killed them during their journey in the countryside promoting Buddhism. They created this martial art without implementing any type of violent moves and weapons, because it was against Buddhism principles to do the same.

Jiu jitsu then moved to Japan, during the 17th century, where the more modern form of the martial art comes from. It was used as the battlefield art by the Japanese samurai warriors, which provided them with the ability to fight effectively even when they had to be on foot and were disarmed.

If you are thinking about joining jiu jitsu training, here are some tips on how to start:

Find the Right Instructor
Like with any martial art training, finding the right instructor for your jiu jitsu training is extremely crucial, because it is not uncommon for students to get easily demoralized when they find their start in the training to be less than ideal. Therefore, it will benefit you to perform proper research before you actually commit to a jiu jitsu training school or class, and make sure that their instructor is passionate about the art, enjoys teaching the same, and isn’t biased with students.

Work Hard and Be Consistent
When you get to class, you are most likely to come across students who volunteer at every chance they get, ask the instructor for clarifications whenever required, watch jiu jitsu technique videos during the break, and never miss a class. This shows their dedication and their willingness to work hard, and it is these people who will learn and improve at a much faster rate. Therefore, working hard is your direct ticket to success.

Similarly, being consistent is also key. If you take longer or frequent breaks from your class, it will take equally longer and harder for you to get back into the game. Make it a point to go to class at least thrice a week, and to see significant results sooner, train during every chance you get.

Enjoy the Journey
Yes, your goal is to perfect this martial art and get promoted in class, and the more you train, lesser will be the time it takes for you to achieve this. But, instead of focusing only on the final goal, try and enjoy the whole journey. Do not rush it; take your time to practice the techniques as many times as you can and become better at the same, and fight with different people to grow as a better fighter.

Of course, jiu jitsu training could feel overwhelming at first; but, you will see significant improvement in your interest with time, and the training will turn into something you absolutely enjoy.