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Though a home workout is always welcome – and, if this is the most accessible format to you, you should definitely take it – there is nothing like training in-person with a qualified, experienced yoga instructor. The benefits will be exacerbated and your will be able to perfect your form under an expert gaze.


You need a class to attend if you want to take your yoga practice seriously. Luckily, there are plenty to find in gyms in Dubai and throughout most UAE gyms. I am always comfortable in the knowledge that there will always be a yoga class near me when I want one.




Yoga has pedigree. Forget your fly-by-night, newfound fitness initiatives, styles, and philosophies – yoga has proven its worth with the full weight of history on its side. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of exercise and meditation in the world, with a history spanning over 5,000 years. There are some very good reasons for this.


For starters, it works incredibly well at what it is designed for. It also delivers benefits in a variety of different areas.


As a physical exercise system, it will help you to improve your full-body strength, flexibility, balance and proprioception; will stretch out your fasciae and open up any stiff joints; in turn, this will decrease pain from stress, tension and tightness; it will teach you how to properly engage your core and how to breathe relaxedly through adversity.


It will also elicit a small amount of hypertrophy, especially through the core, especially for beginners, meaning that you will build muscle and come away often looking more toned. Finally, yoga’s ability to help you improve your breathing will mean improved cardiovascular and circulatory health.


The athletic and health benefits of all of these facets are really quite profound. You will be stronger, happier, more relaxed, less tense, better balanced and in better control for taking part in regular yoga practice. A practitioner’s ability to resist or recover from injury will be improved by these diverse factors, as will their overall athletic performance and ability.


Yoga is not simply a physical exercise system, however. It is also a deeply meditative practice. It will enable you to better learn mindfulness and awareness. As above, it will teach you how to breathe calmly under adversity; it will help you to remain calm in difficult circumstances. It can lead to stress and anxiety reduction, helping to mitigate the effects that extreme stress can have on your body, both through physical practice and meditation, and will aid you in maintaining focus and clarity.


Stress – physical, mental and, especially, emotional – is one of the worst things from which you can suffer from a health perspective. Vital health markers like blood pressure and resting heartrate often rise far beyond a healthy range in the presence of elevated stress levels. Undue stress can inhibit sleep, causing insomnia in extreme cases, and it can bring about severe muscular pain, headaches and mental health concerns such as depression.


Yoga practice can mitigate all of these factors. Its combined physical and mental benefits can help you to control chronic pain, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, improve wellbeing and increase energy levels, whilst diminishing stress and anxiety levels.


You will be quite tangibly happier and healthier with a regular bit of time on the mat.


Yoga classes in Dubai

A good yoga workout at home will bring about many of these benefits. As above, there are plenty of online resources to show you what to do, to take you through flows and postures in real-time, and to make sure that you get everything you need – physically and mentally – from your practice. There really is no shortage of online talent in the yoga instruction sphere.


However, if you can, try to make it to in-person classes as often as possible. They are generally more effective, safer, and lead to better technique than videos.


Largely, this is because they are very much more guided than videos can be. The instructors leading them will be able to properly prepare you at the beginning of each class, take note of any injuries or ongoing health concerns you might have, and teach you proper form and adjust you as needed so that you stay safe and get the most out of each and every practice.


There are also plenty of specialised yoga classes available throughout Dubai. This is vital if you have any additional needs or requirements. If you have mobility issues, for example, you will be able to find a relevant instructor who will be able to tailor a plan to best suit you.


Try out one of Dubai’s many yoga classes. There are plenty of good options available.


You can go to any of Dubai’s amazing local gyms that offer yoga classes, such as GymNation. Alternatively, there are several amazing hotspots to take your yoga into a more specialized, intimate setting. Karma Yoga Studio is a beautiful place in which to practice Hatha or Vinyasa, whilst Zen yoga can help you to incorporate a mixture of yoga and Pilates into your health and fitness regimes. Or, if you want clear-headed relaxation, try Yoga La Vie’s stylish premises.


Every week sees hundreds of classes with dozens of students in each one. They are there for the taking – head along to a few and see what works best for you.