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Whilst there seems to be no end of new fitness initiatives, styles, and philosophies coming out near enough constantly, yoga classes have been around for more than 5,000 years. It has staying power.


There has to be something to this.

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Well, yes, actually – there is. There is a fantastic reason for yoga’s longevity. Quite simply, it works, and it is multi-faceted in the benefits it delivers.


As a complete physical training system, it improves your full-body strength, flexibility, balance and proprioception. It stretches out your fasciae and opens up stiff joints, thus decreasing pain from stress, tension and tightness. It teaches you how to properly engage your core and how to breathe relaxedly through adversity. In conjunction with its mental benefits, it can help you to control chronic pain, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, improve wellbeing and increase energy levels.


In addition, it will elicit a small amount of hypertrophy and help you to improve your breathing, with improved cardiovascular and circulatory health following along in short order. Athletic performance will improve as a result of all of these diverse factors, as will any practitioner’s ability to resist and/or recover from injury.


As a meditative practice, yoga teaches you awareness and mindfulness, it teaches you how to remain calm under adversity, it reduces anxiety, and it helps to relieve the stress – mental alongside physical – that we all accrue throughout our daily lives. It delivers focus and clarity. Yoga helps to mitigate the effects that such extreme stress can have on your body, teaching you correct and meaningful relaxation techniques.


Stress is one of the worst things you can put your body through, with health markers such as blood pressure and resting heartrate often rising far beyond a healthy range due to its influence. It can inhibit sleep, causing insomnia in extreme cases, and it can bring about severe muscular pain, headaches and mental health concerns such as depression.


Why take a yoga class?

Practising yoga on your own can bring about many of the aforementioned benefits. If you already know a few techniques and postures, it’s one of the best forms of exercise you can do in the comfort of your own home, or else in hotel rooms and the like whilst travelling. If you’re new and want to practice in privacy, there are myriad instructional videos available to show you the basics.


However, in-person classes are generally more effective and beneficial than solo training or following along with videos.


They are guided, for a start. This means that the instructors leading them will warm you up, take you through every technique, and work you through a good cool-down and relaxation routine, all without you having to plan anything. They will be able to teach you proper form and adjust you as needed so that you stay safe and get the most out of your practice.


You can also seek out specialised yoga classes if you have a particular need or requirement. For example, if you have mobility issues, or if you have any kind of disability that needs to be catered for, or if you’re looking for a class for seniors, have a look online. You will find something suitable for you.


Try out one of Dubai’s many yoga classes. You can go to any of Dubai’s amazing local gyms that offer yoga classes, such as GymNation or Max & Aegle. Alternatively, there are several amazing hotspots to take your yoga into a more specialised, intimate setting.


The options are out there – there are hundreds of classes every week. It’s just up to you to make the most of them.