Gymnation Block

Exercise Type: Cardio and Strength

Gymnation Block

Duration: 30 - 60 Mins

Gymnation Block

Approx Calorie Burn: 600 - 750

Gymnation Block

Fitness Level: All Levels Welcome


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BODYCOMBAT is a fitness class that enables you to punch into fitness objectives. It is not only a great cardiovascular exercise, but it is also great for fat burning, stress-releasing and managing the body. This fun and fierce workout is inspired by a combination of martial arts disciplines including boxing, karate and Muay Thai. Set to popular music and with encouragement from the instructor throughout, you'll kick and punch your way through a series of high and low impact moves. High energy, high adrenaline and fun are all guaranteed.



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Do I need any martial arts experience to come to a BODYCOMBAT class?

Nope, you certainly don’t. The BODYCOMBAT class caters for all ages and abilities so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, martial arts experience or no martial arts experience. Our expert instructors can modify and progress exercises for you depending on your ability. Everyone can enjoy this class and the awesome workout it provides.

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How often should I do BODYCOMBAT?

If you are looking to seriously shape up and want to hit it hard, try attending  BODYCOMBAT 2-3 times per week.

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I’m pregnant. Can I still do BODYCOMBAT?

BODYCOMBAT is not recommended during pregnancy. This is due to the release of hormones such as oestrogen and relaxin which can result in joints being less stable – so the kicks in BODYCOMBAT may aggravate the hip and pelvis. It is best to choose another class for your workout during pregnancy.

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Is BODYCOMBAT class hard?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, BODYCOMBAT is designed for all fitness levels. The intensity of the class is entirely in your hands. You decide how hard to kick, how high to jump, or how powerfully to punch. With time and practice, you'll master the moves!

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What is BODYCOMBAT good for?

Engaging in a 55-minute BODYCOMBAT session can help you burn approximately 570 calories*. Not only does it enhance cardiovascular fitness, but it also tones the arms, back, and shoulders, strengthens the legs, and conditions the core.

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What is the difference between BODYCOMBAT and BodyPump?

While BodyPump is a blend of strength training and cardio, emphasizing high repetitions with light to moderately heavy weights, BodyCombat is a cardio-centric class inspired by martial arts techniques. The primary goal of BodyCombat is to boost cardiovascular health and instill a sense of empowerment.