Being well fit – what it really means

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We could all do with aiming at being well fit – improving our physical fitness and wellbeing, and enjoying the many benefits that come with it.

It is a simple thing… and it really isn’t.

It’s simple because, if you want to get fitter, move more. Push yourself a bit harder. It might not be easy, but it’s straightforward on this reading.

It isn’t, because there are a great many factors that go into your physical health and fitness. A dizzying array of biometric markers come into play, all of which need to be within safe ranges, optimised where possible. Then there are performance-related metrics, such as what you are able to achieve in any given day, in any given place.

Your healthcare provider or a good personal trainer can measure many of these metrics. Things like your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart health and V02 max, lung capacity, body fat percentage and so on are all easy to find out.

There are also plenty of measures that are clear to anybody undertaking any kind of physical exertion, many of which are very quantifiable. These are things like cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, and so on.

There are also plenty of less tangible, subjective factors that come into play – things like how you look and how you feel. This is obviously more down to your own judgment and perception than any number or piece of data.

Things like your own psychological wellbeing, body confidence, self-esteem and any number of mental health concerns are hard to pin down.

Being well fit involves keeping all of these factors at a healthy level. If possible, as mentioned above, it means optimising them where you can.


How to judge your fitness

There are, broadly speaking, four distinct areas to look at when gauging your physical fitness and wellbeing. Consider how you are doing in each category, how even the categories are (i.e. do you excel at one or two, or are you about the same in all?)

These categories are:

  1. Physical fitness
  2. Physical health
  3. Spiritual and/or mental fulfilment
  4. Emotional and mental wellbeing

They are all valuable individually. Together – if you work on them all and bring them all up together – you will find that they create something far greater than the sum of its parts.

They give you a lot more than any single factor would. Get them all right and you’ll be onto a real winner.

This doesn’t mean perfecting anything. Unless you’re a top athlete with a full training and medical team supporting you, physical fitness and health cannot be perfected. Even with these things, it arguably cannot be. Spiritual/mental fulfilment and emotional and mental wellbeing cannot be perfected by their very nature – think of them more as a changing state, a journey, with no end goal other than the work itself that goes into them. This will help you to be well fit in your mind and body.

All being well fit means is working on these things, keeping yourself well, keeping yourself healthy.

We here at GymNation make it our mission to support anybody on their path to becoming or remaining well fit. Though we have expertise across all four areas, we are naturally best placed to help you maintain and build your physical fitness with our world-leading facilities, classes, and trainers.


Well fit in the UAE: GymNation

We are the UAE’s most affordable, most flexible gym group, allowing you to become well fit in the UAE. You can enjoy membership with us for as little as just AED99 per month. Our memberships involve no contracts and can be cancelled at any time, giving you power over them.

This is just one way in which we maintain venues that are friendly, inclusive and hospitable.

In addition to being low-cost and flexible, we make sure that our gyms are always incredibly welcoming spaces. We maintain a strict policy of no-judgements, actively trying to keep our training venues as open and friendly as possible. We are one of the few gym groups who visibly try to support everybody who walks in through our doors.

In fact, a full third of our clientele are first-time gym goers. We offer them support and guidance as they work towards their health and fitness goals. We call ourselves ‘the peoples’ gym’ for a reason: we work hard to make sure everybody in the UAE has an affordable and welcoming gym option with the best fitness classes on offer.

It isn’t all about supporting newcomers, however. Our spaces are suitable for complete beginners and elite athletes alike. Ours are some of the largest gym facilities in the UAE. Our flagship venue is a 45,000-square-foot space that feels cool and modern with an urban, industrial edge. It hosts a spinning studio, a treadmill room, a boxing ring, a free-weights area, and three separate studios for classes.

All our venues come with state-of-the-art Matrix gym equipment. We also offer virtual, on-demand classes, giving you a degree of flexibility over your training and allowing you to take back control.

If you want a serious space in which to embark on a serious training regime, all without breaking the bank, GymNation present an obvious choice to anyone looking to become well fit in the UAE. We would be glad to have you!