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It’s not always easy to put your fitness first even if you know it will be good for you. Balancing work, home, family and friends takes a lot of time and making a commitment to Fitness often falls by the wayside. Thinking about the benefits of putting your fitness first and taking care of your health can help you see that getting active should be a top priority. Not only will you feel better, but you will have more energy to do the other things you love. It’s just a case of changing your mindset and making activity part of your routine.


Knowing where to start is often the first hurdle to overcome. With so many options available, you may not know what is right for you. Start by thinking about your goals. You may want to lose some weight, build some muscle or simply do some cardio exercise. The truth is you will need a combination of things to improve your overall fitness.


What are the benefits?

Putting your fitness first isn’t just about looking better or losing weight, although they are great reasons to get started. You will also make enormous improvements to your long term health as well as feeling some immediate results. Getting fitter can have a massive impact such as reducing your risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease as well as lowering your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Regular exercise has also been shown to increase your life expectancy.


There are great mental health benefits too. Not only does exercise boost your self-esteem, mood and energy levels but a regular routine can even improve your sleep. Those powerful endorphins you release when you move your body have also been proven to help combat anxiety and depression.



Putting your fitness first is not just about activity. Improving what you eat will have a beneficial effect on your weight and your fitness. Eating the right macronutrients can boost your energy levels as well as encouraging your body to burn fat and build lean muscle. Plenty of fresh unprocessed food is always better for your health and you can stave of hunger by keeping fuller with lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits.


Keeping hydrated is especially important in a hot climate like Dubai. Drinking 8 large glasses of water a day will balance your body fluids, cleanse toxins from your body and energize your muscles.


What are my options?

Living in Motor City, Dubai, you are lucky to have some excellent choices to get you started. Going it alone can be tough for a beginner so it’s best to get some advice. Gyms can explain your options and help you get started. You will find that different places offer a multitude of membership options from budget to expensive. Before making a costly commitment, ensure that you will get some choice in your workouts so that you can explore what you enjoy and what works for you and your body.


Choosing a Gym



Convenience is an important factor in choosing a gym. You want to have all your needs met in one place. The easier it is to get to it, the less excuses you have to avoid going. It’s great if you can make fitness a passion but you are most like to stick with it if you make it part of your routine. Create a habit.


GymNation is the best gym in Motor City. Located on the first floor of Control Tower, it has free parking and 24/7/365 access so you can fit in a workout whenever it is convenient for you. Balancing a gym filled with cutting edge equipment with over 400 fitness classes that are all included in your membership you will be able to cover all your fitness needs.


Affordability can help you to take the plunge without taking a big risk. GymNation memberships are around a third of the price of other gyms and they come with no-contract-cancel-anytime membership options. With no large investment you can give it a try and find out what suits you.


Expertise and Safety

Everyone needs a little help whether they are starting out on a fitness journey or looking to change it up a little to see more improvement towards their goals. You will want to know how to use the equipment safely and how to set up a routine to suit your needs. If you have some experience, then you will appreciate advice when you hit those plateaus to inject something different into your workouts.


Fitness first gyms like GymNation offer you their expertise with their world class team. Their coaches will help you to get the best out of the gym equipment, so you are safe and efficient in your routine. Their fitness instructors will help you to motivate you and teach you different techniques.



Sometimes the hardest thing about putting your fitness first is being brave enough to enter a gym. It’s the kind of thing many of us put off because we don’t think we are fit enough. The irony is that you won’t get fit unless you go for it and let’s face it everyone has to start somewhere.


At GymNation, they offer a warm welcome to everyone. Whatever your starting point they can offer friendly advice and help you to use the equipment. In Motor City, a separate ‘ladies only’ gym and ‘ladies only’ classes mean it is suitable for everyone.



Variety gives you the opportunity to build your whole fitness whether you want to focus on weight loss, building muscle, toning up or doing some cardio fitness. You will also want to build your strength, improve your endurance and get more flexible. Getting the right combination of workouts can help you to improve your whole body as well as keeping you from getting bored.


At GymNation, as well as the state of the art gym equipment there are an extensive range of free weights up to 60kg. On top of this there are over 400 group exercises with fully qualified instructors’ classes and even virtual classes that mean you can follow a routine whenever it suits you.


Getting Started

Deciding to put your fitness first means taking accountability for sticking to a routine and showing up. Choosing somewhere with the same ideals means choosing a fitness first gym, a place that focuses on your fitness and your health. No frills, just state of the art equipment, expert instructors and coaches with classes to ensure you can achieve all your goals and help you to stay on a journey that will have enormous benefits to your health.


In Dubai, fitness first is a priority for GymNation in Motor City. It offers affordable costs and focuses on providing excellent facilities where you can try out different equipment, try different classes and put your fitness first. Taking the first step and going along is all you need to do to get going on your fitness journey. Make the time, make it a priority and you will feel the changes in no time at all.