Fitness first with a Personal Trainer

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It can be hard to put together a training program that really puts your fitness first.


It can be even harder to stick to one, to do so with enthusiasm, consistency, and with good, safe technique. Putting your fitness first often means ensuring that you keep pushing your boundaries, keeping progressive overload on track so that you’re never spinning your wheels.


A personal trainer in Dubai will help you with this. They will keep you in the game, and they will make sure that you achieve your fitness goals far more efficiently and successfully than training solo would allow.



The benefits of personal training sessions


Personal training sessions, with a certified personal trainer, will zero in on what you need as you prioritise your fitness and work towards a stronger, healthier self. The programming and dietary information they provide will perhaps look baffling to a beginner; however, it is necessary and useful, and a personal trainer in Al Quoz will help you to navigate it.


They will get you where you need to be in the shortest amount of time possible so that you ca truly say that you have put your fitness first.


A personal trainer should also be able to make training a more enjoyable, emotionally rewarding experience even as they make it a physically more rewarding one. If you struggle to motivate yourself, or if you find the gym repetitive, a good personal trainer in Bur Dubai will be just what you need: they will keep things fresh and keep you focussed and having fun.


Through personalised training and focussed technique improvement, they will be able to make sure that you learn and perform each exercise perfectly and that you consistently improve.


Benefits of having a personal trainer include:


Working out your goals and priorities

It’s common for newcomers to the gym to turn up thinking they want to get a bit fitter, a bit stronger, a bit more ‘toned’… none of these things are goals. They are vague aims at best. A personal trainer in Ras Al Khaimah will be able to help you work out your goals, will set you some SMART targets, and will write you a plan to get you there.


They will also be able to work out what your priorities are. If you want to gain muscle and lose fat, they might decide that losing fat is more pressing. They will put you into a caloric deficit and have you training with weight loss in mind. Then, after a couple of months or so, when your weight is healthy, they will enter your into a hypertrophy (muscle building) phases.


This means that, as you decide to put your fitness first, you will know what you’re doing and where you’re going.


Making your training more efficient


Having a personal trainer to guide you through a personalised training and dietary program will allow you to achieve your fitness goals more quickly and easily: in short, more efficiently. You won’t be wasting time and effort on anything that doesn’t work.


They will show you the quickest, most efficient route to getting where you need to go. They will keep you on track for progressive overload. They will hold you accountable and adapt your training as you go, responding to your own needs and requirements throughout your fitness journey.


Keeping you safe


Fitness can be risky. It’s nowhere near as dangerous as living a sedentary lifestyle, but there are things involved with a physical lifestyle that open you up to injury. The less you know about what you’re doing, the more chance there is that you’ll do something wrong and get yourself hurt.


A personal trainer will keep you safe. They will show you correct technique for every lift and every exercise, so that your body will be mechanically safe and stable. They will show you appropriate resistances, so that you won’t overload and pull anything. They will make sure that you are well rested between sessions, and that you are fully warmed up, prepared and primed at the beginning of each session, meaning that you will run as low a risk of getting hurt as possible.


Making sure your fitness stays first

We’ve all made resolutions that we’ve gone on to break within a few weeks. Don’t let fitness be one of them. A personal trainer will make sure that you stay engaged with your fitness journey (even if you sometimes don’t want to be!)


They will help you to form good habits, which are far more important for getting you into the gym than drive or passion. They will hold you accountable, meaning that you will be more likely to progress and hit your goals. They will also make regular bookings with you, arranging to meet you several times per week- it’s a lot harder, emotionally, to duck out of pre-arranged, pre-paid personal training sessions than it is to simply decide to skip the gym.


Personal trainers make sure that you stay on your fitness journey. They make sure that you always put your fitness first.