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GymNation are the UAE’s most affordable, most flexible gym group. They are a perfect place to work on being well fit. You can enjoy membership with them for as little as just AED99 per month. Their memberships involve no contracts and can be cancelled at any time, giving you power over them.

This is just one way in which they maintain venues that are friendly, inclusive and hospitable. They have a range of benefits that set them head and shoulders above their competition.


Excellent facilities

It isn’t all about supporting newcomers, however. Their spaces are suitable for complete beginners and elite athletes alike. Theirs are some of the largest gym facilities in the UAE. Their flagship venue is a 45,000-square-foot space that feels cool and modern with an urban, industrial edge. It hosts a spinning studio, a treadmill room, a boxing ring, a free-weights area, and three separate studios for classes. Gymnation’s venues come with state-of-the-art Matrix gym equipment and they also offer virtual, on-demand classes, giving you a degree of flexibility over your training and allowing you to take back control.


Star quality

GymNation offer some of the best boxing coaching in the UAE. This is thanks to a new collaboration which few venues can hope to match.  

They have recently partnered with former two-time world boxing champion and Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan. They will host the Amir Khan Academy within their gyms across the peninsula, helping anybody looking to become well fit in the UAE to achieve their goals. 

The Amir Khan Academy provides opportunities for young people to be trained by some of the world’s leading boxing coaches. Amir Khan Academies already operate across the UK and Pakistan, coaching thousands of young people from their venues. This partnership will see them extend their expertise to the Middle East for the first time as they make the most of GymNation’s unparalleled facilities, offering several sessions per day focussing on the diverse benefits that boxing training offers (see more below.)

According to Loren Holland, CEO and founder of GymNation, they are ‘wholly focussed on continuing to develop and further improve the GymNation product and offer residents of the UAE access to the very best gym facilities and fitness classes. Our partnership with the Amir Khan Academy not only highlights our commitment to this, but also reinforces our ability to attract and work with the best in the business. We are looking forward to working with Amir and his coaches and together building a strong youth boxing community across the UAE.

Classes are ongoing as of this Autumn at GymNation Al Quoz.



In addition to being low-cost and flexible, their gyms are incredibly welcoming spaces. They maintain a strict policy of no-judgements, actively trying to keep their training venues as open and friendly as possible. They are one of the few gym groups who visibly try to support everybody who walks in through their doors.

In fact, a full third of their clientele are first-time gym goers. GymNation offer them support and guidance as they work towards their health and fitness goals. They call themselves ‘the peoples’ gym’: they work hard to make sure everybody in the UAE has an affordable and welcoming gym option with the best fitness classes on offer.

Inclusion and accessibility are important to both GymNation and the Amir Khan Academy. With this in mind, their new partnership will allow them to continue their emphasis on bringing People of Determination into the fitness arena. Their work will provide People of Determination the opportunity to excel physically through a series of specially designed classes.


GymNation’s world leading facilities, the recognition they have gained in the international fitness sphere, the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere they consciously foster (and the bragging rights of being able to train with the Amir Khan Academy!) make them a perfect place to train.

If you’re looking to get well fit in the UAE, GymNation should be your first port-of-call.