IFBB Academy in Dubai Greenlights Groundbreaking 2024 Fitness and Bodybuilding Initiatives



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The IFBB Fitness and Bodybuilding Sports Academy's Board of Directors, representing the UAE and the Middle East, has sanctioned its course lineup for the year 2024.

The academy will offer (48) courses for different levels and will be held in the UAE - other countries.

The upcoming courses will include theoretical and practical lectures in the field of movement science in endurance training, sports nutrition and dietary supplements.

These courses will also shed light on the dangers of steroids and their alternatives.

Additionally, modern training programmes and methods in weightlifting, sports injuries, how to prevent them, and physical fitness training science will be included.

There will also be a master's programme for international fitness and bodybuilding trainers.

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This decision was made during the regular meeting of the academy's Board of Directors.

"Retired Colonel Abdulkarim Mohamed Saeed", chairman of the IFBB Fitness and Bodybuilding Sports Academy

Stressed that the upcoming courses-will witness qualitative additions to the lectures after the academy received a new books from the International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding - in accordance with approved updates.

He underscored the critical role that a sports culture plays in advancing achievements, highlighting its significance in the evolution of training methods to meet internationally recognized scientific standards.

He also urged for investing of this importance in these - courses and programmes that will be offered to trainers, administrators, and athletes in the plan for the new year.

Engineer Walid Abdul Karim noted that the academy is aligning itself with the fast-paced advancements in global training methods.

It is committed to offering its members access to the latest scientific studies and research from the International Federation, particularly those focusing on dietary supplements, their usage techniques, and their necessity.

He revealed that the next course will be about sports nutrition on Jan.27 and 28.

Source: manchestereveningnews

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