Retired Colonel Abdulkarim Applauds the Flourishing Bodybuilding Scene in the UAE

Retired Colonel Abdulkarim Hails The Growth Of Bodybuilding In UAE


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Retired Colonel Abdulkarim Mohamed Saeed, who serves as the chairman of the IFBB Fitness and Bodybuilding Sports Academy of GCC Head Office in Dubai and is recognized as one of the pioneering figures in the sport, has expressed his firm belief in the UAE's capability to achieve global prominence in the field of bodybuilding.


Abdulkarim emphasied that the UAE has all the potential, both logistical and human, in terms of the quality of the players, provided that this is done in a professional, scientific manner that suits the requirements of the current era.

Abdulkarim is a true trailblazer in the world of bodybuilding in the UAE.

He has been dedicated to promoting the sport for over five decades, starting with the opening of the iconic World Gym in Bur Dubai in 1984.

After retiring from the force, Colonel Abdul’s passion for fitness didn't wane.

He saw a need for a professional training facility in the region and established the IFBB International Academy for Fitness and Bodybuilding in Dubai.

His vision paid off, and in 2016, the academy opened its doors, becoming the only approved center for fitness and bodybuilding in the UAE.

The academy's success didn't stop there. It has since expanded to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Iraq, solidifying Colonel Abdulkarim's legacy as a pioneer in the region's fitness scene.

Abdulkarim’s story is one of dedication, passion, and a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.

He has inspired countless individuals in the UAE and beyond to embrace an active lifestyle and strive for personal growth.

His legacy is sure to continue to motivate and inspire future generations of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Abdulkarim said when he looked back at the hosting of the first championship in 1985 in Dubai, he personally did not expect the sport of bodybuilding to reach its current status.

I personally did not expect bodybuilding in the UAE to reach the level it has reached today in terms of the number of practitioners, training centers, and championships.

The dream has become a reality.

I believe that the future will be for this sport with the support and backing of the relevant authorities

in addition to the financial sponsorship that will ensure the success of any championship organised within the UAE and in all emirates of the country.

The chairman of the International Academy of Fitness and Bodybuilding in Dubai said:

“The strong relationship he has with Rafael Santonja, President of the International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding

paved the way to organise bodybuilding championships and attract the best international stars, especially since the environment of the UAE is stimulating and we have advanced facilities

in addition to the pioneering role that can encourage young people to practice bodybuilding and support amateurs and professionals.”

Abdulkarim also explained that the most important thing that hinders the progress of a bodybuilder is his complete conviction that steroids can lead him to the highest levels.

“This is something that is rejected in the sport and in all sports. The damage caused by taking steroids is endless and can destroy any talent, no matter its value.”

He explained that sports have changed significantly between the past and the present after the advent of technology and artificial intelligence, as training in a scientific manner has become the only way to achieve achievements and improve physical, technical, and mental levels faster and better than in the past

thanks to the development of academic research and its investment in developing sports work in all its aspects.

Abdulkarim thanked the Emirates Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (EBBF) for its continued support to promote sports in a distinctive manner, which contributed to achieving athletic accomplishments.

He praised the diversity of the courses offered by the academy in coordination with the concerned authorities, which include the science of movement in resistance training, fitness challenges, sports psychology, presenting new curriculum in training methods and sports research, and sports nutrition.

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