Muscle building myths

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If you are an avid gym-goer you are probably sick and tired of hearing the same old myths in regards to muscle building.


You might have a class pass to use as you want to hammer the gym and build some serious muscle or you might be planning on embarking upon a Les Mills programme. Whatever your reasons for training we want to uncover some of those muscle-building myths so you don’t head down the wrong path.

We want your workouts and training to be effective so you need a no-nonsense approach and we want you to be able to make the most of your Dubai Meal Plans!


Everyone has his or her own theories about what works for them and what doesn’t. Some swear by the use of certain supplements, others don’t bother with them ever. Some only partake in full-body circuit training style workouts, while others prefer to split body parts. 


The important thing to do is to clear up certain crazy myths about muscle so you can carry on your path to success, here goes…

You have to use machines to build muscle 

Although machines are a great accessory to weight training they aren’t absolutely everything. You need to keep your training varied and use a mixture of free weights, machines and bodyweight training.

Circuit training is also an excellent way of building muscle as usually a good circuit will hit all body parts including lower and upper body.

If you struggle structuring your own workouts then attending fitness classes, especially Les Mills classes can be a fantastic way to build and tone muscle with some good instruction.

Dance classes in Dubai are also a great way to tone up the lower body and improve cv fitness.

There are plenty of ways to build muscle, keep it nice and varied and your body will respond. 

Skipping rest days and train every day to build muscle

No, no, NO! This is one of the more dangerous myths ever and couldn’t be more false.

People all too easily get into the mindset that if they have a day off from training it might ruin their progress.

A huge myth is that If you take too many days off in a row, your body can lose fitness making it more prone to injury - the total opposite of the truth.

Spacing out your rest days (if you take more than one) is key to helping your body rebuild, whether it's before a long run or after a strenuous training block.

Training every day will overtrain your muscles meaning it can actually diminish them instead of building them up.

You have to have rest days in order for your muscles to repair themselves and grow back stronger. If you are constantly tearing your muscle fibres they won't have any time to grow and you can actually lose muscle this way. 


I can’t get muscly unless I take gear

Muscle doesn’t come from steroids. This is also a huge misconception and myth when it comes to muscle building. Those who claim they can’t grow muscle unless they take gear are lying or simply don’t know how to follow a proper muscle building and nutrition plan. If you train right and consistently, progressing with more challenging workouts and heavier weights then your muscles will grow back bigger and stronger, it's basic science. You must not forget to fuel your muscles with enough protein to build good quality muscle tissue, again it's simple science. Growth is a slow and steady process and won't happen overnight. 


Eat more protein eaten after a workout to get better muscle growth

It is true that consuming good quality protein after a strength training session can enhance muscle growth; however, there does not seem to be a relationship between the amount of protein and the amount of muscle gained, so eating more than the recommended amount won't necessarily enhance your gains. Follow your plan and about 20g of protein in the three-hour period after a workout and adequate protein at regular intervals throughout the day seems to be the most effective.


Carbohydrate is always an essential fuel for your muscles

Adequate carbohydrate 100% necessary to increase the ability of the muscles to perform strength and resistance exercises by providing the energy the muscles need and thus can potentially contribute to more effective training sessions and increased muscle growth.

Without enough adequate carbohydrate, your muscles can begin to use up your protein stores and you really don’t want that happening.


Training splits are just for bodybuilders

Training splits aren’t just for bodybuilders, they are for anyone looking to develop muscle definition. You may have heard of the phrase ‘training splits’ this refers to a technique, popular in bodybuilding where you focus on training one muscle group per session.

Splitting your training doesn’t necessarily speed up the rate of growth it just allows you to exhaust a particular muscle group more easily.

Training splits allow you to put all your efforts into one group such as leg day or chest day. It can keep each day to day training plan more varied.

Have you ever been scratching your head with confusion over these muscle-building myths?

With so much information available on the internet, it is natural that not all of it is backed by scientific evidence and some of it has even been disproved through research. 

Small amounts of high-quality protein throughout the day is beneficial for muscle growth so your body is getting a steady and constant supply of this vital dietary component.

You can use supplements to help with your gains but none of them are guaranteed to work 100% so you will just have to monitor your intake.

It is also imperative that you stay well hydrated to enhance your workout potential. If you can’t do it alone, you can always get the help of a personal trainer in Dubai who will devise a tailored muscle-building plan.