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Dubai Personal Trainers may have a rep for charging a lot per hour, which can, naturally, put many people off. This is often especially the case in large cities like the UAE. Surely you can reach your fitness goals without this outlay for personal trainers, right?


Well, yes, you may be able to. However, you may not. You also may not be able to achieve your goals as efficiently or make the most of your gym membership as with a Dubai personal trainer. In fact, there are some incredibly important reasons to consider going with a personal trainer.


Why go with a personal trainer?


They will help you work out a smart goal


As a personal trainer, it’s all too common to sit down with a new client and ask them their goals, only to be told something generic like they want to be a little fitter, a little slimmer, a bit more toned… Unfortunately, terms like these don’t actually mean all that much. They are too broad, too undefined.


Goals need to be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Specific. Personal trainers will help you to work out what yours should be. Do you want to be stronger? They will have you aiming to bench press twice your bodyweight, and squat triple it, in six months’ time. Do you want to lose weight? They will have you aiming to lose 10kg over the next three months, at nearly 1kg per week.


A personal trainer Abu Dhabi will find a couple of SMART goals like this, then they will build you a program around them to actually get you there, finding the quickest, most efficient route. Your hours in the gym will be ultimately more productive and less stressful, your health and fitness will get to where they need to be, and your program will ensure that no time, effort or gym membership is wasted in doing anything you don’t need to be doing.


They will tailor-make everything to suit you


It isn’t just their knowledge of SMART goals and programming that will make a personal trainer such an effective tool in seeking out your goals. Their professional input and personal touch will be invaluable.


They should be able to judge your strengths and weaknesses, your natural gifts and deficits, and your likes and dislikes within a couple of sessions. They will then be able to work on your weaker points to get them up to a standard you want, whilst exploiting your strengths and likes for the greatest gains possible.


They will also be able to teach you good general technique on all major exercises, whilst adapting each specific to your own body mechanics and musculature. They will be able to show you the best squat and deadlifts stances and styles for your frame; they will be able to adapt each lift to any injuries or sticking points in your body; they will be able to find the best form of cardio for you and teach you how to make it work with your physiology.


Hard and soft skill knowledge is vital in tailoring a plan for an individual- a best personal trainer will have this kind of knowledge in abundance.


They will provide accountability and keep you honest


You need to be accountable for a training program to work. If you’re scrupulously honest with yourself, great. Most of us aren’t, however. It can be hard to meet any fitness goal without somebody standing next to you, guiding you, and measuring your progress.

A personal trainer will check in with you regularly. Planned appointments for training will make sure you actually turn up to the gym. Regular weigh-ins or fitness tests will keep you on-track for completing your program and hitting your goal. The confidence and pep-talks they will deliver will keep you engaged.


These are all good reasons to find a personal trainer. However, that can be a slightly daunting task in itself- there are so many to choose from, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! And, as with any profession, anywhere, there are good trainers and bad. So, how do you pick the right one for you?


How to find a good personal trainer in Dubai?


Look for accreditation

This is a must. If a trainer can’t, or won’t, show you their credentials, including certificates from any official governing bodies and maybe even a college degree, keep on looking. A personal trainer should have a relevant certification, organization affiliation- like the Registry of Exercise Professionals (REPs)- and an insurance policy for their given discipline as a basic requisite.

If you approach a personal trainer through a gym or leisure centre, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Most places won’t let personal trainers work from their premises without accreditation and insurance.

At GymNation all of our personal trainers are fully certified by REPS, so all you need to worry about is focussing on your own goals!


Ask about their experience

Even with certification, a personal trainer may not match up with the goals you want to achieve. Most accreditation takes a couple of weeks to earn, during which time a trainer won’t actually train anybody.  Always ask a personal trainer about their experience. They should be able to present you with testimonials from past clients upon request, so make sure to look into this.


Find out about their reputation

Treat a personal trainer like any other tradesperson. It’s always best to find a plumber or decorator through word of mouth- recommendations from a friend, co-worker, or a family member, for example. If you want a good personal trainer, ask your social circle- the chances are somebody will have one or will have worked with one in the past, whom they recommend.

Failing this, as mentioned above, ask around for testimonials. If they don’t have any, avoid them: any personal trainer worth the time and money should be able to show you success stories and give you feedback from past clients.


Ask for their price

You don’t want your personal trainer to be too expensive. However, you also don’t want them to be too cheap! Go for a middle ground. If they ask too much, they are likely ripping you off. If they ask too little… you have to ask yourself why. They should have enough demand that they don’t need to go so low.


If finding the cash for a reputable personal trainer is a bit of a stretch, you have some options. Ask to double up with a friend- most personal trainers will do this, allowing you to share the costs. Ask for a block booking discount. Personal training is precarious work and most trainers will be happy to secure you for the next three months- so much so that they will give you a discount to book in upfront.


It can be daunting finding and choosing the right personal trainer for you and your fitness goals. It’s normal to try a few out, and many will offer a free- or at least discounted- the first session so you can try before you buy. However, there are plenty of good-quality personal trainers in Dubai and even more at GymNation!. Just follow the above advice, ask around one of the GymNation team, and they will be able to put you in contact with the best personal trainers!