Ronnie Coleman's Quick Chest & Triceps Session at Signature Gym

Ronnie Coleman workout


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Ronnie Coleman continues his active presence in the gym, showcasing a light chest and tricep workout in his latest Signature Series gym.

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Working closely with Panatta, the gym is now equipped with top-notch gear from the company.

He advocates for the various machines and equipment offered by Panatta, emphasizing their value.

Despite his illustrious career on stage, Coleman persists in training and recovering from past injuries.

During his reign as Olympia champion, Coleman faced off against some of the all-time greats, securing eight consecutive titles from 1998 to 2005 - a record shared with Lee Haney.

In retirement, he remains dedicated to his gym routine while confronting health challenges.

Coleman has gone through multiple surgeries to repair injuries to his back, neck, and hips.

During his career off stage, Coleman has been working to walk again unassisted and this includes a trip to visit Amr Ismail at his recovery center in Abu Dhabi.

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Ronnie Coleman’s Lightweight Chest & Tri’s Workout

Ronnie Coleman was joined by coaches Rubens Gomes and Fernando Sardinha for this particular workout:

  • Super Inclined Chest Press
  • Super Declined Chest Press
  • Horizontal Flight Machine
  • Standing Total Arms
  • Skullcrusher
  • Close-Grip Bench Press

Coleman shows off his work on each machine and it is clear that he is focused on lightweight for many reps.

He works his way around the gym to try out all machines. First, he hits super incline chest press for two sets.

For the remainder of the workout, Coleman completes one set.

Gomes talked about training with a bodybuilding legend such as Coleman in between sets.

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The trio paused and talked about their favorite Ronnie Coleman performances on the Olympia stage.

With eight titles, there are many to choose from. Sardinha began by saying that his 2003 physique was the best while Gomes highlighted 2005.

Coleman opted for his 1998 look.

He did not provide a reason but this was the first of his legendary run.

Coleman continues to work hard in the gym and rehab injuries from his career.

It is clear that his love for fitness and bodybuilding has not wavered in retirement.