The best-equipped, affordable gyms in Dubai

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When looking for affordable gyms in Dubai, equipment doesn’t have to be a complicated task, the good gyms in Dubai have certain staple pieces which ensure all your workouts are effective and you can put your fitness first


Theoretically, there’s nothing wrong with for the fact that MOST of this equipment features an absolutely dire build quality and incredibly limited functionality.


In this post, you’re going to see an array of equipment that you simply CAN’T do without from your gym. No matter how big or small your space is; these are the six items you absolutely must-have.


1. A Bench / Rack Combo


Affordable gyms in Dubai should have these two items, you’ve literally got everything at your disposal to perform any barbell exercise you can think of.


If you got absolutely nothing else to cater for your resistance training needs, then this combination alone (in conjunction with a bar and weight set) would actually provide everything you needed to cover any area of your body.


Ideally, the bench will adjust to the incline, flat and decline settings so that you can cover the upper body from any angle of your choosing, and the safety catches on the rack will stick out prominently to allow you to “drop” the bar into them should you need to.


2. Good Quality Bars And Weights


Good gyms in Dubai should boast good quality Olympic bars and some Olympic plates to go with them. Make sure they’re rubber coated if you can so that should you drop them, you won’t damage your flooring or walls.


One of the best aspects of a well made Olympic bar and weight set is that they’ll last for years. They’ll also cater for you if you’re a total newbie to resistance training in general, or if you’re a seasoned lifter in need of a high calibre weight set to cater for their needs. 


3. Good cardio machinery 


Cardio is massively important for our overall health and fitness - it’s one of the best ways to improve energy levels, fight off obesity and generally improve every aspect of our health.


As such, you really need to perform aerobic/anaerobic exercise, and how you choose to do it is totally up to you.


Affordable gyms in Dubai should have a good choice of treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, rowing machines or even something a little more unique like a Stairmaster. It doesn’t really matter which tool you have at your disposal to perform this kind of training with, what matters is that you have at least ONE.


4. Dumbbells


When you’ve got the above three items, you’ve technically got everything you need to deem an array of gym equipment as “complete”. With that said, dumbbells definitely add a unique element to your training that barbells can’t quite compare to in terms of stability optimization.


What kind of dumbbells you need purely depends on your individual ability - most people could get away with a set that goes up to 40lbs., whereas others will need a 100 lb. max set due to their level of experience.

5. Cable Machines


Cable machines are fantastic. What a cable machine offers is a plethora of different exercises all contained in one single, relatively small unit.


The world is your oyster with a cable machine as you can use as many attachments as you need to target pretty much any area of your body. Most cable machines also feature a pull-up bar too (you can even anchor suspension training units to this bar should you enjoy this training format) meaning you have a perfectly well-rounded piece of training apparatus at your disposal.


6. A Combined Leg Press and/or Hack Squat


Leg day has to become a prominent part of your training regimen if you want to make decent progress.


A leg press and hack squat will cater for your every leg based need by providing two different positions for you to train your lower body with, both of which can be used in a variety of different (changing your leg position makes all the difference) manners to target every muscle in the area from the calves to the quads.


These six items should be seen as a basic “foundation” for a great gym in Dubai- depending on space and resources, any added machine/accessory imaginable would only help to further emphasize the benefit they have to offer.