The Best Gyms in Jeddah

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The best gyms in Jeddah are known for their quality of service, personal trainers, technology, customized services provided, lighting, music, and more.

1.   The Best Gym in Jeddah: GymNation Jeddah

The best overall gym in Jeddah is about to open its doors with new locations across Saudi Arabia after reaching astonishing success within the UAE. GymNation locations are open 24/7, 365 days a year, and offer many spaces for all fitness levels and workout preferences, from the standard gym equipment to state-of-the-art boutique studios.

GymNation became the number one gym in the UAE due to its commitment to making fitness accessible to everyone and putting its members first. Each GymNation location has 500+ pieces of the latest gym equipment and offers 400+ free group exercise fitness classes each month, including Les Mills, Yoga, Spinning, Zumba, HIIT, and more!

GymNation pay meticulous attention to providing members with the best personal training sessions in the market and offers customized workouts for all fitness goals.

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2.   Fitness Time

Fitness Time has at least 28 gyms in Jeddah, 19 of which are men-only.

Fitness time offers a variety of gyms in Jeddah, including:

  • Fitness Time Plus - boutique-style fitness
  • Fitness Time Pro - for athletes and professionals
  • Fitness Time Ladies and Ladies Express
  • Fitness Time Express - for people interested in fitness basics, mainly cardio and bodybuilding

Fitness Time fitness facilities in Jeddah are spacious and equipped with a variety of fitness equipment and offer group exercise class and personal training.

3.   Gold's Gym

With over 60 years of tradition, this American-founded gym chain has 5 locations in Jeddah. They opened the first one in Saudi Arabia in 2019 and have been expanding ever since - becoming one of the most recognizable fitness facilities throughout Saudi Arabia. 

Besides the usual gym space, they offer spinning classes and aqua fitness. Gold's Gym also provides online training options, such as group and personal training.

Their signature workout is Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX). This workout combines aerobic exercises, rhythmic exercises, and strength exercises, and it is loved by busy professionals.

4.   Curves Gym

Many gyms in Jeddah offer facilities dedicated to ladies. But Curves Gym has other advantages over most other lady-only gyms. 

Their 30-minute-long workouts aim to burn up to 500 calories. Making their workouts in Jeddah perfect for women who don't have much time on their hands but want to get fit, strong, and lose weight.  

This full-body signature workout combines strength training, cardio, and stretching. There is a smiling, supportive, and inspiring personal trainer to instruct you in each workout.

5.   9 Round

9round has an intriguing fitness concept that they deliver throughout 7 fitness facilities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They offer 30-minutes of kickboxing in a total of 9 rounds. What might sound just punching and kicking is actually a very effective workout for weight loss and muscle building. 

In all 9 Round facilities, they are no set times for training, and the workout is semi-structured. Basically, you learn kickboxing suitable for every fitness level, from beginner to elite athlete. 9 Round's personal trainers are motivating and highly professional.

Also, in their Nine Round Plus class, they provide you with wearable heart rate monitoring technology, to help you track your effort, heart rate, and calories burnt during the workout.

Olympia Sports Arena

Olympia Sports Arena, was first established in 1999 as Fakeeh, a Health Promotion Center. Currently, their fitness classes include BODYPUMP, BODYATTACKBODYCOMBAT, BODYBALANCE, and more. Olympia's well-known and respected fitness professionals offer personal training packages from physical rehabilitation to weight loss to muscle building. 

7.   Arena

Arena Fitness Center is one of the newest fitness facilities in Jeddah specializing in functional training and martial arts. They have three main programs: functional, defense, and heroes. 

WCG classes, a very popular workout in Jeddah, have weightlifting, cardio & gymnastics. But Arena doesn't stop there. They offer Bootcamp workouts, calisthenics, and mobility training. Defense comprises of martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and striking. They also have a space dedicated to teaching children martial arts, called Heroes.