Tips for working out at home

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The pandemic has encouraged many people to rethink how they can incorporate a workout at home. With gyms sometimes closed or people needing to self-isolate, being able to continue a fitness routine at home is a great thing to achieve. People are often put off by the idea that they need a home gym, but home workouts don’t need lots of large equipment.

You simply need to make some time and create a little space and follow these tips to create an effective home workout routine.


Stick with the essentials

It is perfectly possible to do a workout without any equipment. However, choosing a few useful items that are cost effective and easy to store can make a difference to the effectiveness of your home workouts.


A small set of dumbbells or an adjustable dumbbell can be used for a variety of exercises. Use lighter weights for front raise actions or medium ones for bicep curls. Resistance bands are even easier to store and can help you with your strength training. You can even get digital jump rope handles that mean you can do some high cardio skipping without the need for lots of space.



Buy a Mat

A yoga mat can protect your flooring and provide some cushioning, not just for yoga but other floor exercises. It provides a non-slip surface for all of your exercises and will roll up for easy storage when not in use.



Start before you Invest

If you are lucky enough to have more space then you can get an exercise bike or elliptical trainer but you can achieve your fitness goals without them so don’t invest until you have already established a workout routine at home. You may find that you don’t need them.



Make it a Habit

Just like making time to go to the gym, you need to dedicate some time to do a workout and make it a priority. Decide what works for you around your work and family commitments and create a schedule. Do you prefer an early morning workout, shower and then work or would you be better with a de-stressing workout after work is finished? Once your routine is set it will become a habit that you will miss if you don’t do it.



Avoid Distractions

Once you have made a plan, try and stick with it and avoid distractions. Put away your mobile, create a quiet space and enjoy some quality time. Find a space where you wont be interrupted by family or friends. This will help you get into a mindset where you focus on your goals, and you will find your home workouts more successful.



Wear Gym Gear

Putting on proper workout clothes and appropriate trainers will help you get into the right mindset for a workout. Yes, you could keep your PJ’s on while you do some stretching but if you are serious about achieving your goals then you will do better if you are dressed for the gym. You are more likely to do a workout at home once you are already wearing your gym gear.



Join a Community

Working out alone can be hard. Not only can you lack motivation, but you can get stuck in a rut. Look for online communities to join where you can share ideas, keep each other motivated and get advice. It can be really motivating to see what other people are doing and that can stop you from making excuses to avoid starting a workout.



Warm Up and Cool Down

Just because no one is looking, it doesn’t mean you can forget the basics. Warmups and cool downs should be part of every routine and they will help you get more out of the workout and avoid injuries. Priming your body will help your performance and stretches will ease the aches and pains.



Time isn’t an Excuse

You only need 20 minutes to fit in a home workout routine that will make a difference to your fitness. It’s not about getting sweaty for an hour. A combination of strength and high intensity exercises on a regular basis will really help you to see and feel the difference.



Variety will spice things up

Don’t just stick to one kind of workout. Combine stretching, strength and cardio to build your fitness and keep you interested. It can even be a good time to try out something new as no one will be watching. Try some yoga, resistance training, weights, dance, skipping. Find out what you love and make it fun.



Form is Important

When you go to a gym, you get the benefit of qualified coaches and instructors who will make sure you are using good techniques to protect you from injury and make the workouts effective. At home you can use a mirror to check your form and watch videos to check on techniques. It is always worth the effort to double check how you should be doing something properly.



Follow a Pro

Whether you join an App or use a YouTube Video, find someone qualified, who you like, to stream a workout to follow. Think of it as having your own personal trainer to motivate you and keep you on track.



Increase Intensity

If you are fairly new to exercise, then it is best to start with something achievable but as you get going your body will need to be challenged in order to make progress so gradually choose harder workouts with more intensity so that you can build muscle and get leaner. This will help to keep you motivated and avoid a plateau.



Set Some Goals

It is always easier to keep at something if you have a goal in mind. Whether you want to lose 10 kilos, improve your resting heart rate, build muscle or tone up, then take some measurements and track your progress towards your goal. Seeing tangible progress is really motivating and fulfilling.



Stay Hydrated

This should be even easier as the kitchen and fridge are close to hand, but it can still be helpful to fill a water bottle to ensure you drink enough to hydrate your body during your home workout.



Ask The Experts

If you need more help with your fitness routine, then contact your closest GymNation to seek advice and enquire about membership. You may find that a combination of the gym and home workouts is the best thing for you. You will be able to access their state of the art equipment, a wide range of fitness classes and learn new techniques with qualified instructors.