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Goal setting - NUMERO UNO

Having a goal is probably the most important thing you can do when it comes to staying on track. If you haven't got a goal then what are you aiming for? Get a goal and keep focused on what that goal is and always ensure you are taking steps every single day to achieve it.


Fitness trackers hold you accountable

Many Dubai personal trainers themselves have fitness trackers to monitor progress and track their steps etc. Owning a fitness tracker sadly won’t do the hard work for you but what it will do is allow you to watch your progress and know when to up your game. The simplicity of monitoring steps can work wonders for weight loss and your cardiovascular system.


Mix it up...

Have you ever had a session with a Dubai personal trainer? If it’s a good one you will have realised no 2 sessions are the same. There is a reason for this. Your body is pretty amazing and it adapts to the loads you give it. In order to keep progressing whether that is building muscle, losing weight you must keep changing up your routine. Keep your body guessing and keep pushing!


The law of attraction

Now, this is extremely important amongst all successful people in life, especially the best personal trainers and you can apply the principles to any area you choose, especially fitness. The law of attraction refers to the concept that ‘thoughts become things’. What you manifest in your thoughts you can achieve. Visualise yourself achieving the goal, imagine what it feels like to wear the size 8 outfit or achieve that extra gun girth. You must believe with all your might that you can and will achieve the end goal.


Did you know….

With the right mindset, know-how and motivation there is no reason why you can’t achieve your goals. You don’t always have to have a personal trainer, but a keen will to succeed, a strong mental attitude and a ‘whatever it takes’ persona.