What can personal trainers do for you?

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If you want to put your fitness first in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you’re in luck. There are some world-class personal trainers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and there are some fantastic fitness facilities throughout the area. Areas such as Motor City, Burjuman and Mirdif complex all have world-class GymNation venues, all of which are perfect for scoping out personal trainers.

But what, exactly, will a personal trainer do for you?


The benefits of personal training sessions


Personal training sessions, with a certified, good quality personal trainer, will zero in on what you need as you prioritise your fitness and work towards a stronger, healthier self, helping you to make the most of your gym membership. They will write your program, show you how to perform the movements required, take you through every session, with enthusiasm, consistency, and with good, safe technique.


Putting your fitness first often means ensuring that you keep pushing your boundaries, keeping progressive overload on track so that you’re never spinning your wheels. A good personal trainer will help with this, too, ensuring that every step you take on your fitness journey takes you closer to your goals, in as direct a route as possible.


The programming and dietary information a personal trainer should provide will perhaps look baffling to a beginner. This is fair enough – anything new, that is so apparently complex and involved, can be overwhelming. However, it is necessary to navigate it if you want to meet your fitness goals, and a personal trainer will help you to do so.


Through personalised training and focussed technique instruction, they will be able to make sure that you learn and perform each exercise perfectly and that you consistently improve. More than this, a personal trainer should also be able to make the learning process and subsequent training more enjoyable and emotionally rewarding, even as they make it a physically more rewarding experience.


The benefits of having a personal trainer include:


Working out your goals and priorities

One of the biggest pitfalls that many gym goers fall into is a lack of measurable goals. It is common to want to get fitter, or stronger, or to lose weight. These items are for a wish list, however – they are not goals. They are too nebulous and not precise enough.

Goals would be something like reducing resting heartrate to below 60, or being able to squat twice your body weight, or to lose 6 kg. They also need to be time specific. So, bring your heartrate down to 60 within six months, or lose 2 kg per month for three months.

A trainer will help you to do this so that you train more efficiently from the outset.


Making your training more efficient

Once they have helped you to identify your goals, a personal trainer will then be able to find the quickest, most efficient way to get you there. You want to lose 6 kg in three months? They will tailor a training and dietary regime to allow enough of a caloric deficit to achieve this. You want to bring your resting heart rate down? They will put your cardiovascular system through its paces, strengthening it. You want to squat twice your bodyweight? They will put together a strength-building program that prioritises legs and posterior chain, rising your numbers in steady increments to get you there.


Keeping you safe and teaching you good form

Finally, a personal trainer will be able to teach you how to train with good form. This in itself will make your training more efficient, as you learn how to make the most out of your compound lifts, how to best run and row, how to structure a circuit and so on. It will also keep you safe, as you avoid many of the common training mistakes that lead to either long- or short-term injury.