Gymnation Block

Exercise Type: Strength, Cardio, and Mental Toughness

Gymnation Block

Duration: 45 - 60 Mins

Gymnation Block

Approx Calorie Burn: 700+

Gymnation Block

Fitness Level: All Levels Welcome


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  • Al Khobar
  • Dubai
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CrossHiit has arrived at GymNation Al Quoz! Whether you are training for the Dubai CrossFit Championship, participating in the Dubai Fitness Challenge or just love taking part in CrossHiit workouts, the best gym in Dubai is now the place to go for the best CrossHiit classes in Dubai!


It's time to get your CrossHiit WOD on!


Benzone is coming to GymNation, lead by world-class coach - Ben Davies: @Bendavies999


The Benzone vision is simple...


To provide the highest standard of personal and small group training to help people live longer, happier, healthier, and fitter lives!


Ben Davies: "I am extremely excited to be leading the functional fitness areas within GymNation and looking forward to delivering high-quality strength and conditioning programs in a world-class facility that is GymNation"


Book into your FREE CrossHiit Benzone class at reception TODAY!

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The beauty of CrossHiit workouts is that because all movements and exercises are based around day-to-day movements, the list of equipment you can use within your CrossHiit classes in our CrossHiit gym is almost endless!


From cardio equipment including treadmills and Ski-Ergs, to strength focussed barbells, kettlebells, slam balls, dumbells and more..... no two CrossHiit workouts will be the same and the equipment you are using will always be changing.

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CrossHiit works because it is for everyone! From the fittest athletes in the world to people who have never even stepped in to a CrossHiit gym!


Everyone in a CrossHiit classes does the same "WOD" no matter their technical ability or strength. Each workout is scalable and can be modified according to your capabilities. If you can't do a pull, then you can use an elastic band to help you, if you can't do a weighted squat then you can just use your bodyweight


You can show up to the CrossHiit Gym in GymNation and the coach will already have the full workout planned out! Each movement will be demonstrated and the coach will carefully watch over all participants to ensure that movements are being carried safely and in accordance with your own ability and comfort levels.

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So what are you waiting for? Come and try a CrossHiit Dubai class at GymNation today. CrossHiit is a highly effective training programme to get you in shape and make sure you stay there!


CrossHiit classes at GymNation are FREE! Yes, you heard us correctly!


Download the GymNation app through the icons below and book into a GymNation Dubai CrossHiit class. We look forward to seeing you AMRAPING it out very soon! 

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What is CrossHiit?

CrossHiit is a high intensity, strength and conditioning workout that consists of a wide variety of functional movements - many of which you would perform on a daily basis throughout your normal life.

CrossHiit workouts are for everyone! Whether you are an elite athlete or someone completely new to fitness. Come and try out a CrossHiit workout at GymNation

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Is CrossHiit for me?

CrossHiit in Dubai is for everyone! No matter what your fitness level, age, gender, or fitness experience or previous injury history.

If you want to put your fitness first then CrossHiit is definitely for you! All workouts are tailored to the exact requirements of the individuals within each CrossHiit class.

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Is CrossHiit safe?

Yes! CrossHiit is a safe training methodology when CrossHiit workouts take place in a controlled environment under the watch of experienced coaches.

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What does "WOD" mean?

WOD stands for Workout Of The Day!


If you start taking part in CrossHiit classes at GymNation you will most likely start hearing a few similar phrases from your coach or class participants relating to your CrossHiit Workouts or your CrossHiit training.


Here are a few other key terms you should know:

EMOM: Every minute on the minute

PR: Personal record, similar to personal best

AMRAP: As many reps (or sometimes rounds) as possible

CrossHiit Box: A box is another word for a CrossHiit gym - or where your CrossHiit workouts take place.

Reps: A number of repetitions/performances you must do of an exercise in your CrossFit Workout.

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Is CrossFit good for beginners?

CrossFit is suitable for everyone, including beginners, aiming for improved health, weight loss, or enhanced performance. Whether you're just starting or have been training for years, the program is adaptable.

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Is CrossFit harder than gym?

CrossFit exercises are more varied and challenging compared to regular gym workouts. While both can burn calories, CrossFit often combines strength training, cardio, and powerlifting in one session, making it distinct from traditional gym routines.

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Is 3 times a week enough for CrossFit?

Starting with 2-3 CrossFit workouts per week is ideal for newcomers. This frequency not only aids in muscle building and overall fitness enhancement but also familiarizes beginners with the typical CrossFit class structure.

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How many times a week should I CrossFit?

Beginners often start with two CrossFit sessions a week, gradually increasing to five as stamina builds. To get the most out of CrossFit, training between two to five days a week is recommended, depending on individual endurance and adaptability.