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GymNation is one of the best and most established recreational centers in the Arab world and is one of the most popular gyms in the UAE. It has a long history of providing fantastic services to all fitness freaks and people looking to get in shape. GymNation is the best gym to help you put your fitness first in Dubai!


GymNation is a gym for everyone, and we treat all of our clients like our family. That is why we offer impeccable services at the most affordable prices. 


We have facilities all around the UAE, with our crown jewel being our GymNation Al Quoz at the Mezzanine Floor ETA Star Building, Sheikh Zayed Rd, in the world's busiest city, Dubai. Below, we'll explore all the ways GymNation can help you reach your unique fitness goals with ease, including all the things that we can offer you!



State of the Art Facilities


A gym is only as good as its facilities. The many GymNation facilities across the UAE share the same features – superb locations, high-quality equipment, and the best fitness classes available.


All of our facilities across the UAE are spacious, chock full of fantastic equipment, and even come with free parking! One of the best things about our locations is that they share our trademark hospitality, affordability, and an abundance of classes.


We offer a lot of classes, a lot of which are free. At GymNation, we are firm believers that fitness is for everyone, no matter how deep their pockets are or how prominent their abilities can be. If you have a dream, if you have a goal, you can make it a reality at GymNation!



Educated and Experienced Personal Trainers


One thing that makes us stand out from other gyms in the UAE is our industry professionals' selection. GymNation has an abundance of professional personal trainers that know what they're doing. All of our trainers are certified professionals that are dead set on helping you reach your unique goals. 


We take extra pride in our trainers. All of them are present on a sports trainer visa, have superb qualifications and references, are fully insured, and pass through our extensive testing process. All the trainers in GymNations facilities are in house industry professionals who are there to help you get the most out of your training.



Superb Working Atmosphere


All of the GymNation facilities are renowned for their superb working atmosphere. The right atmosphere, a proper training regimen, and a healthy dose of determination are the golden combination for a fantastic workout.


Every GymNation facility is equipped with everything you could need training-wise – and has a strict no-judgments policy. Almost a third of all people who go to our gyms are first-timers looking to beat their first fitness challenge or meet their fitness goals. There is no reason to regret going to the gym – the only thing you should regret is not going. 


Fantastic Supporting Personnel


Besides our many professional personal trainers, we have fitness specialists that offer a wide range of classes. Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, and some people like particular disciplines more than others. 


If you're looking for anything from CrossFit to Muaythai, you'll be delighted to find them available in class form hosted by seasoned industry professionals. We take health and fitness seriously, and that's why all of our locations have fantastic supporting personnel to make your fitness journey as enjoyable and straightforward as possible. 



Top-Notch Hygiene


When you're training, you'll want the best hygiene practices, microclimate, and cleanliness – and that's what you can expect from top tier GymNation facilities across the UAE. 


We treat our clients like our family members, and we treat our facilities like our homes. You can rest assured that every nook and cranny is spotless when you're working out at GymNation Gyms.


We also have huge changing rooms that are maintained and cleaned meticulously to ensure proper hygiene. You can rest assured that all of our equipment, showers, and changing rooms are as clean as our rep sheet for providing the most affordable fitness in the UAE!



In Conclusion


We here at GymNation are passionate about fitness and believe it should be available to all – and that's why we provide affordable memberships in combination with top of the line service.


Whether you're training for the Dubai fitness challenge or the Dubai 30x30, you can rest assured that you're right at home at a GymNation facility near you.