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t pays to look after your health and fitness. And yes, they do come as a pair – it’s hard to have one without the other. Putting your fitness first and maintaining an active lifestyle is imperative if you want to secure long-term good health. Search for the best gyms in Dubai and get started on your fitness journey today!


However, it’s not always easy to know how to approach fitness. What should you be doing? How often? How intensely? And crucially, where should you go to get your exercise?


Professional, commercial gyms are always a good idea when you’re first starting out.


If you’re going for anything more specialised- martial arts, team sports, dance, gymnastics and so on- a dedicated, equally specialised venue will be more appropriate. However, if you’re looking either at more general fitness, muscle building or weight loss, or getting involved in any kind of fitness class, or if you want to perform any strength and barbell athletics (bodybuilding, powerlifting and so on) then a gym is something of a must.


They are full of people who are able to show you the ropes and offer advice, from coaches and personal trainers to other members and workout buddies. You will be able to explore a range of different training styles through their equipment and classes, you’ll be far likelier to stick with the program in a gym environment, and ultimately you will be far likelier to succeed in boosting your fitness, meeting your goals and maintaining longer term athleticism.


But how do you choose the right gym? There are always plenty to choose from, and there are a few things you want to look out for as you begin your search.



What to look for in your local gym

1. Look beyond the money

As much as we all love a bargain, defaulting to the cheapest option may not always be the wisest. Don’t spend a fortune on a luxury leisure centre membership, but make sure that the place you choose has all the basics you need. These will include:


  • Functional weights areas (with dumbbells that go up to 50kg – an odd sounding threshold, but something of an industry standard when picking a serious-minded training venue)
  • Good transport links and parking
  • Multiple machine types, both cardio and resistance
  • A full timetable of classes with plenty of different styles
  • A friendly, fun atmosphere


2. Look at any gym offers in your local area


Though you don’t want to go for the cheap, rubbish option, you also don’t want to break the bank. This is where offers and discounts come into play. Gyms cater to a competitive market. To stay competitive, and to tempt new members in, most will run offers periodically, potentially saving you a lot of money.


Keep an eye on gym membership offers in your local area. Always see if you can get a better deal elsewhere when buying into a membership. Make sure the place you pick has all of the facilities mentioned above, but that you get them at a bit of a discount.



3. Location

It can be hard to keep yourself motivated and to find the time to fit exercise into your busy life.

Don’t make it harder by picking a gym in an awkward spot.

You want one that’s either close to your house or close to where you work. If you’re looking for a gym near you, make sure it really is a gym near you.


In addition, look at transport links and parking, as mentioned above. It doesn’t matter if a gym is a ten-minute drive away if you can’t park there.

It doesn’t matter if there isn’t any parking if you can walk there or get a train, or if it’s right next to your office. Just make sure that whatever gym you pick, you’re able to get there easily enough.


Finding gyms near you

There are some amazing gyms in Dubai, all of them world leaders, all of them offering something different to cater for the many different demands fitness buffs might have.

We’ve looked at three of the best offerings below: choose any of these and you’ll probably come away quite satisfied. Look for which ones are near you and go in for a chat- they’ll be happy to see you!


1. Golds Gym

Golds Gym brings pedigree – they are as famous, and as famously driven to being the best, as any gym can get.

There are plenty of Golds Gyms throughout the Emirates, all kitted out with full weights rooms, world-class cardio and resistance equipment, decent classes and an atmosphere that breeds success.

They are especially well-catered for bodybuilders and strength athletes.


2. Fit Republik

Fit Republik are masters at what they do. They are tucked away slightly in Dubai’s Sports City, but once you uncover them, you’ll find a venue unlike any other.

They have state of the art equipment, a 50m swimming pool, top quality training and weightlifting areas, and even cryotherapy on offer.


They also boast a healthy restaurant and a nice lounge, making it feel more like a community than a simple gym.


3. GymNation

GymNation are at the top of the industry for value for money.

They run some of the best gyms in Dubai, of which boast an urban, industrial aesthetic combined with top-quality equipment, hundreds of free, world-leading fitness classes per month and separate areas for boxing, lifting, cardio and studio work.

They are low cost, don’t trap you into any contracts, and have a friendly, community vibe whilst delivering expert fitness services.