The Best Gyms in Riyadh

The Best Gyms In Riyadh


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The best gyms in Riyadh offer a variety of services, with all trying to constantly improve their offerings in a highly competitive market. But some of them do stand out by providing the widest variety of fitness programs and equipment for every health and fitness goal.


The best overall gym in Riyadh is about to open its doors with new locations across Saudi Arabia after reaching astonishing success within the UAE. GymNation locations are open 24/7, 365 days a year, and offer many spaces for all fitness levels and workout preferences, from the standard gym equipment to state-of-the-art boutique studios.

GymNation became the number one gym in the UAE due to its commitment to making fitness accessible to everyone and putting its members first. Each GymNation location has 500+ pieces of the latest gym equipment and offers 400+ free group exercise fitness classes each month, including Les Mills, YogaSpinningZumbaHIIT, and more!

GymNation pays meticulous attention to providing members with the best personal training sessions in the market and offers customized workouts for all fitness goals.

Register now, before it's too late to secure your discounted 99 SAR per month membership!

2.   Fitness First

With 500+ certified personal trainers and 200+ group classes, everyone will find something in the internationally known Fitness First. From the standard gym facilities to personal training in different disciplines, this gym chain delivers a wide variety of products and services to its' members.

Fitness First is well known for fitness classes such as Spin, HIIT, BOX, and Pilates.

Also, if you want to lose weight or build muscle mass, and track your progress, Fitness First offers the latest technologies. You can measure your training results with tools such as TechnoShape, 3D Scanners, and In-body assessment equipment. 

3.   Bodymasters

Bodymasters' fitness facilities in Riyadh offer group and personal training programs, such as Step, General Fitness Class, Bicycle, and Body Fit. Their Step workout tones your lower body and core, and is completely beginner friendly. 

Fitness and Body Fit classes consist of exercises with your own body weight and free weights mixing aerobic and resistance training. If you're up for more, Bodymasters offers a new functional area of martial arts and a running track.

4.   Fitness Time

Fitness Time has many branches across Riyadh, such as Fitness Time, Fitness Time Plus, Fitness Time Pro, Fitness Time Ladies, Fitness Time Ladies Pro, and Fitness Time Junior. You can find gyms for both genders and all levels in all 60+ locations in Riyadh.

Their offers start from a standard gym membership to business and top athlete. For those who want assistance during their workout, Fitness Time delivers an ample number of classes and personal training based on your goals.

For gym rats that like working out alone, some of their gym facilities in Riyadh offer cardio, bodybuilding, swimming, and even basketball, football, and volleyball. The Fitness Time plus facilities provide a luxurious and exclusive fitness experience.

5.    Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym is a Californian fitness facility that dates back to 1965 and has locations all over the world as well as a number in Riyadh. Their gym facilities comprise high-tech equipment and include a variety of training programs, group classes and personal training. 

Their personal trainers are there to help you achieve every goal you have. Their group classes include Zumba, Yoga, Spinning, mixed martial arts, and endurance training.

6.   Activ Gym

Activ Gym has 3 separate locations for both women and men- the latter with two different fitness facilities in Riyadh. They offer workout classes of 50 minutes each including BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK, BODYPUMP, xfit, mat Pilates, power yoga, and more. 

The professional staff at Activ Gym focuses on helping your reach your personal goals. They aim to make fitness exciting for everyone, no matter their level. Classes at Activ Gym come with and without fitness equipment so that can sweat, lose weight, build endurance, strength, and sculpt your body.

7.   NuYu

NuYu is a leading female-only fitness club and one of the leading gyms in Riyadh. From a standard membership to 90+ different group classes per week, every lady will find something of interest to them. 

Both group classes and personal training options are available. NuYu's Zumba, BodyFit, and Pilates are top-notch quality, but they're not the only classes they offer. The list goes on with dance, yoga, xtreme fitness zone with TRX, spinning studio, kickboxing, and more. 

In a boutique-style gym, NuYu provides its members with a spa and health food cafe as well.

NuYu has 5 locations in Riyadh, but you can also opt for online classes. This way, you'll train from the comfort of your home through the instructions of a personal trainer.

8.   B_Fit

B_Fit is a leading provider of luxury, yet affordable fitness facilities in Riyadh. They have high-tech equipment and high-performance zones to help you reach your fitness goals. 

B_Fit is more than a simple gym, to the extent that it offers even a co-working space. So, you can work, eat, chill, and workout all in one place. Their goal is to incorporate all aspects of wellness for their members.

They also offer a smoothie bar and coffee to refuel yourself before and after the gym. What else? A jacuzzi and sauna are also included, to relax in the after-hours of intense workouts as well as a fitness and recreational pool.

How to Find the Best Gyms in Riyadh to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Finding the best gyms in Riyadh might seem like a hassle because of the high number of gyms all over the city. As the capital city of Saudi Arabia, fitness facilities in Riyadh are increasing day by day, but they each offer something unique that you must consider.

Follow the steps below to ensure you don't get lost in the process or feel overwhelmed:

1. First, check gyms in your proximity. It is easier to maintain an exercise routine if your gym is convenient and in a place, you can easily access.

2. Next, you'll have to think of your budget and preferences. If you're into free weight training, a standard membership will do. For personal training sessions, check the gym's availability and credentials. Also, in Riyadh, you can find cheap and affordable gyms, as well as high-end fitness clubs and boutique studios. The choice is in your hands.

The options are immense, so don't just contact the gym next to your apartment building. Speak to at least 2-4 gyms and have a conversation with them about all of your requirements, what they offer, and if they have any discounts or special gym membership offers... Also, pay a visit to their facilities, and, why not, workout for a day on a free trial!. Many of them offer a free day pass, you just need to ask or visit their website.