Dubai’s top fitness centres for a happy and healthy 2024

Dubai’S Top Fitness Centres For A Happy And Healthy 2024


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With the arrival of the New Year, the goal to get in shape becomes a priority. No matter if you're already a fitness enthusiast or just starting out with your resolutions, Dubai's dynamic fitness community offers a variety of options for all.

Whether it's energetic group classes or unique boutique fitness experiences, Dubai's gyms are set to help make 2024 your healthiest year so far.

1Rebel – ICD Brookfield Place

Prepare to break a sweat in style at the FACT Award-winning 1Rebel. This fitness haven is located in ICD Brookfield Place and combines energetic workouts and nightclub vibes.

With reshaping sessions featuring high-powered treadmills, motivating spin classes, and an open gym equipped with cutting-edge gear, 1Rebel offers a unique fitness experience.

The pulsating strobe lights and music create an electric atmosphere, making every workout feel like a celebration.

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BARE Fitness – Clover Bay Tower

For the ultimate fitness transformation, head to BARE Fitness in Clover Bay Tower.

Their HIIT + weights program is scientifically proven to torch calories more effectively than traditional workouts. The studio boasts a party vibe, daily muscle-focused routines, and custom ‘SkillMill’ treadmills led by top-notch instructors. With an emphasis on reaching new highs and maximising potential, BARE Fitness promises a workout experience like no other.

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Barry’s – Various Locations

Barry’s is a fitness phenomenon that has captured the hearts of celebrities like the Beckhams, Kardashians and many more.

Founded in 1998, Barry’s has perfected its workout formula, earning the title of “the best workout in the world.”

With several locations across Dubai, Barry’s offers daily sessions focusing on different body parts, ensuring a balanced, injury-free approach.

The Red Room, a challenging combination of treadmill and strength training, is the signature experience. As a FACT Award winner, Barry’s commitment to excellence shines through in every sweat-inducing session.

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CRANK – Alserkal Avenue

At CRANK, fitness meets community. More than just a workout space, CRANK is a homegrown brand offering a blend of fun and movement.

The energetic and inspiring instructors will push you to your limits while fostering a sense of togetherness among individuals with similar interests.

Whether you’re pedalling through intense climbs in Ride Sessions or shaping muscle groups with high-intensity interval training in Shape Sessions, CRANK is where you free your mind and challenge yourself.

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Embody Fitness – Various Locations

Known for its sustainable approach and rave reviews, Embody Fitness offers a holistic fitness journey.

Co-founders James Miller and Sharare Hau have created a community prioritising long-term results without compromising overall health.

Embody’s exclusive membership includes access to Olympic standard equipment, sports therapy rooms, and a healthy cafe, ensuring a personalised and upscale fitness experience.

Plus, the dedicated recovery suites with infra-red saunas and ice baths add a touch of luxury.

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F45 Training – Various Locations

If you’re looking for a fitness community that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than F45 Training, a global sensation offering complete wellness solutions.

F45 stands out with its innovative, high-intensity functional group workouts. From functional training to HIIT, nutrition, challenges, and accountability, F45 is your one-stop-shop for becoming the fittest, strongest, and healthiest version of yourself.

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Fitness First – Various Locations

Fitness First is the ultimate fitness club in the region.

More than just a gym, it has over 500 personal trainers, and 2,000 weekly group exercise classes, including hot yoga, reformer pilates, spin, boxing, and more.

Fitness First is your go-to for world-class facilities, innovation, and a warm customer experience.

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Fitness Zone – City Walk

Embark on a transformative fitness journey at Fitness Zone, nestled in City Walk Dubai.

This new-age gym is designed to cater to all ages and fitness levels, offering an unmatched experience.

Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, Fitness Zone provides top-notch equipment and advanced training tools for the ultimate workout.

With over 200 monthly classes, including Energy, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts, and CrossFit, there’s something for everyone.

They’ve also got a fuel bar, spacious locker areas, and a rejuvenating sauna experience.

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FitnGlam – Various Locations

FitnGlam is an exclusive women’s-only fitness haven promising empowerment and transformation.

Born from a vision to champion female minds and bodies, FitnGlam invites you to be part of a community fueled by consistency, dedication, and power.

At the gym, you can indulge in personalised coaching and boutique classes, including Barre, Boxing, Pilates, HIIT, Yoga, and more.

As the most Instagrammable fitness club, FitnGlam boasts top-of-the-range equipment, spa services, and a dedicated relaxation space.

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FitRepublik – Dubai Sports City

FitRepublik is where fitness dreams become reality. With an extensive array of 2000+ pieces of equipment, this place ensures a comprehensive workout experience without the wait.

Tailored for all ages, their programs cater to diverse progression goals. Dive into a dynamic fitness schedule with over 200 classes per week, offering a wide range of options.

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a beginner, FitRepublik is your go-to destination for achieving your fittest, strongest, and healthiest self.

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Iconic Fitness – Dubai Marina

At Iconic Fitness, challenging yet accessible workouts will leave you feeling accomplished, stronger, and healthier.

Success through community is the gym’s mantra, turning everyone who walks through the doors into a vital part of its fitness family.

Recognised as a FACT Award winner in 2021, Iconic Fitness stands out with its commitment to creating an inclusive, supportive space.

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JUNK Fitness – Al Quoz

Say hello to JUNK Fitness, the ultimate destination for body transformations in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Voted the FACT Favorite Fitness Centre in Dubai 2022, this gym is a hub of affordable fitness excellence.

From the newest equipment to signature classes, they’re dedicated to helping members achieve their healthiest lives.

Their trainers, among the top in the UAE, craft personalised workout plans and provide nutritional advice. Whether you prefer group classes or one-on-one sessions, JUNK Fitness has it all.

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Reform Athletica – Various Locations

Embrace your fitness journey at Reform Athletica, a homegrown gem in the UAE.

This boutique fitness studio mirrors the vibrant scenes of New York, London, and LA.

With classes capped at 10 participants, this place offers a personalised experience with six signature classes, from the intense Reform Method to the relaxing Vin to Yin.

The custom-made studios blend fitness with art, showcasing local talent and fostering partnerships with eco-conscious brands. 

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SEVEN Wellness Club – Al Quoz

Experience wellness like never before at SEVEN.

This place redefines wellbeing with a multifaceted approach and curates a high-end lifestyle experience, inspiring members to lead healthier, fulfilling lives.

They encourage individuals to embrace a balanced lifestyle and make positive changes that extend beyond the gym.

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The Warehouse Gym – Various Locations

Step into The Warehouse Gym, a premium fitness haven born in 2013, that quickly gained recognition for its art, design, music, and freedom of exercise.

With key locations across the UAE, each beautifully curated gym offers over 2500+ classes per month. Explore 35 different types of classes, covering strength, cardiovascular, and specialty exercises for all levels.

From beginner to advanced, including a ladies-only facility, The Warehouse Gym provides a transformative experience.

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UFC Gym – Jumeirah Beach Residence

Step into the original and world-leading MMA-inspired fitness haven – UFC Gym at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

As an extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it brings elite MMA training to all, regardless of age or athletic ability.

Their coaches and athletes themselves undergo rigorous certification to deliver cutting-edge training techniques.

You can choose a membership tier that suits you, offering unlimited classes, specialised MMA training, Kids Club childcare, and more. 

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