Expo City Dubai to host US-Middle East pro basketball league

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DUBAI: Expo City Dubai has entered into a partnership with the NBXL, the first independent professional basketball league connecting the US and the Middle East.

Through this agreement, Expo City Dubai will host UAE league matches and gain naming rights for one of the four teams representing Dubai in the league's inaugural 2025 season.

This partnership was announced ahead of the main launch event on October 5, where Expo City Dubai will introduce its team name, logo, key players, merchandise, staff, and schedule.

The event will also unveil the names of three other teams and feature engaging basketball activities, giving fans the chance to meet the players.

NBXL teams, which boast top-tier players from around the globe, will play UAE league matches at Expo City Dubai, with additional games scheduled in the US and Saudi Arabia.

The NBXL is not new to the UAE; it organized two days of basketball events during Expo 2020 Dubai and participated in the 2022, 2023, and 2024 Dubai Schools Games Basketball Championships.

This initiative by the Dubai Sports Council included more than 150 private and public schools.

The partnership underscores Expo City Dubai’s commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of the community by actively involving the public in sports, fitness, and wellness activities.

Source: arabnews

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